The significance of our days

Justin AbrahamThis morning I am so grateful.  God is opening up Heaven for us to see. Daniel saw this would happen. I find it astonishing that we are living in the time he saw. We are here for the unveiling of the mysteries. 

For generations we have wondered what it would be like to see Heaven. We thought we had to wait until we die to see it. That somehow death was the Saviour! Now we’ve realised, Jesus is the Door. That we can go in and out. The Way is clear and open. Death owes us nothing. Life swallows death. 

We can be there in the Spirit like Stephen, who “full of the Holy Spirit” gazed into Heaven. We believe – to see. This is God’s way. Childish. Trusting. Faithful faith.

The more time we are in the Spirit the more dimensions we comprehend. The more time in His Presence the more we are infused with knowledge and understanding. This is true maturity. Not how much we have academically studied but how much we have abided in His glory. Belonging. Gazing. Being immersed in Life. 

This boundary between worlds was actually an illusion. The Door was always open. It just took faith to see it. Enoch saw it in a dark time. He pleased God and skipped death.

It was only a boundary in our minds. We did not understand that we were buried and raised with Him into a new dimension. That we exist there and here.

It’s becoming clear now. We stand fully identified in the New Creation. The old has gone. The new has arrived. It surrounds us and envelops us. Heaven is at hand. If we only take time to stop and breathe it in, we find God everywhere, hidden in plain sight. 

This is transformation. Transformation in the Presence. Not learned but infused. Not driven but drunk. Allowing through our powerful choices to “turn to the Lord”. Centre on true Reality. Not distance but Mystic Union. I am in Him. He is in Me. We are One.

A dangerous intoxicating Truth. As we return to the Source we find our Home. We find we are right where we Belong. 

This is the mandate for our Generation. To reveal the Mystery of the Ages: Christ in you the hope of Glory. 

Thanks for listening to my morning thoughts!

Cheers Justin A