*NEW Podcast – The Sode of God

podomatic justin abraham council

Join Justin Abraham as he shares on ‘The Sode’ – the Council of God.

Justin AbrahamThis is a thrilling invitation into another dimension to hear the Voice, to be with the remarkable people and amazing beings standing there, to be a part of the debate, hear the secrets of Heaven, and ultimately sit as part of the Heavenly Council. Once you’ve tasted the Mount Zion reality there’s nothing like it. This is Mystic Realm of God. 

Recorded at the Seattle Revival Centre, USA. The music at the end is from Bryan and Katie Torwalt – Heaven on Earth available on iTunes. Thank you again to all our partners who are standing with us. You rock! For the full PODOMATIC COBH site click hereSee you in the Spirit! Cheers! 

4 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast – The Sode of God

  • I have been seeking and seeking truth it’s seems like a very long time. As a new believer I would read such truth and yet religion squash the truth of His fullness in me, His power and might, his ability ! And now praise God after 20 years He has brought truth of the mystic living that I have yearned and longed for. Praise God for this ministry and Justin’s love for God that is felt through his revelations he has lived through and not just studied. Blessings!

  • So much honor to you. I have listened to every single podcast you have available…several times each. I hunger for more information constantly as I try to breakthrough into the heaven realm. Thank you for each mind boggling message. You are so very much on the pulse of God. – Seeking Him with all my heart. Honor and blessing to you, Justin! (USA)

  • Wow…wow!! I can’t wait for every new release of teaching! I am soaking in all of it and I am learning so much about the mystic realm. I experience such joy and awe!! Thank you for making these teachings available to listen to even here in South Africa. I desire a much deeper and more intense relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I want to be part of His realm…Thank you for teaching, sharing and helping to achieve this. Awesome stuff…wow, wow!!!

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