Prophetic Bulletin: Return of Ecstatic Worship

A special prophetic bulletin – fresh dreams and visions in the area of sound, worship and gatherings. Time to let go and fly high!



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  1. Debra

    Praise God! Beautiful! This made me cry…we have been seeing and praying for this kind of worship and unity! I feel it coming. Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty!!! Who was and is and is to come!
    greetings from Kelowna, BC, Canada

  2. hanna booth

    Oh wow this resonates and is such a thrill to hear. On New Year’s Day this year, in the night, I dreamt that while I was worshipping, the joy got so big inside me that I was lifted off the ground to where my head would usually reach. Watching expectantly, let it be!!!

  3. Patti Stenger

    So exciting….I am just sitting here weeping and I don’t know why… COBH you all make me so giddy! It’s good thing!

  4. Emma

    That is amazing. Thanks Justin. We are releasing our sound of worship in Aberdeen and what you have said has really encouraged me. Thank you

  5. Carol Tattersall

    I feel we heard a sound on Saturday in the Glory Company gathering, and when we sang it together in wonderful harmony and unity, we were lifted to a different realm. It was GLORIOUS

  6. Pennie X:)

    AMAZING!!!! I was sitting listening to you and I do not know Why….I looked at my arms and back of my hands to see glistens of gold ( in 3D ) is there such a thing ? in 3 D.?
    only there 15, 20 minutes, Completely gone!!!!!
    I have only known about COBH 12 days , and been on Amazing Adventures day and nights …..with out a pass port. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!


  7. Leona Gliddon

    Bless you Beautiful Brov, We start our Jesus Parties here in Cambridge January 2015 – following the word from God – “Give me room to move” – Five full hours of Gathering round the Throne of God to Worship and adore Him – with no other agenda. Papa has revealed a glimps of what will happen – and to say we are excited is an understatement. hahaha! The realms of heaven are beconing us – we want to behold Him to be chaged to be like him and to release that onto the Earth Amen.

  8. shari Breault

    O Justin I know your hearing and seeing I have heard the Lord say He restoring Psalmist worship where they hear from heaven and play here on earth which will change everything. I see the angels so joining in this time when it happens. Bless you Brother in Christ

  9. pamela stafford

    So exciting. Believing this to be true for an area that only knows religion. Its a divine miracle i found you. You and others like you need to come to southern ga usa

  10. whitenosugar

    Something like what you are describing has been happening where I work for the past 8 + weeks now. Many hours each day spent lost in His presence, glory, taken up, hearing clearly, unity in the spirit….a few hours feels like a short time… It’s not unusual to be overshadowed for whole days at a time. It’s wonderful…. 🙂 Song of Songs, faint with love… 🙂

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