14 thoughts on “Prophetic Bulletin: Return of Ecstatic Worship

  • Praise God! Beautiful! This made me cry…we have been seeing and praying for this kind of worship and unity! I feel it coming. Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty!!! Who was and is and is to come!
    greetings from Kelowna, BC, Canada

  • Oh wow this resonates and is such a thrill to hear. On New Year’s Day this year, in the night, I dreamt that while I was worshipping, the joy got so big inside me that I was lifted off the ground to where my head would usually reach. Watching expectantly, let it be!!!

  • So exciting….I am just sitting here weeping and I don’t know why… COBH you all make me so giddy! It’s good thing!

  • That is amazing. Thanks Justin. We are releasing our sound of worship in Aberdeen and what you have said has really encouraged me. Thank you

  • I feel we heard a sound on Saturday in the Glory Company gathering, and when we sang it together in wonderful harmony and unity, we were lifted to a different realm. It was GLORIOUS

  • AMAZING!!!! I was sitting listening to you and I do not know Why….I looked at my arms and back of my hands to see glistens of gold ( in 3D ) is there such a thing ? in 3 D.?
    only there 15, 20 minutes, Completely gone!!!!!
    I have only known about COBH 12 days , and been on Amazing Adventures day and nights …..with out a pass port. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!


  • Bless you Beautiful Brov, We start our Jesus Parties here in Cambridge January 2015 – following the word from God – “Give me room to move” – Five full hours of Gathering round the Throne of God to Worship and adore Him – with no other agenda. Papa has revealed a glimps of what will happen – and to say we are excited is an understatement. hahaha! The realms of heaven are beconing us – we want to behold Him to be chaged to be like him and to release that onto the Earth Amen.

  • O Justin I know your hearing and seeing I have heard the Lord say He restoring Psalmist worship where they hear from heaven and play here on earth which will change everything. I see the angels so joining in this time when it happens. Bless you Brother in Christ

  • So exciting. Believing this to be true for an area that only knows religion. Its a divine miracle i found you. You and others like you need to come to southern ga usa

  • Something like what you are describing has been happening where I work for the past 8 + weeks now. Many hours each day spent lost in His presence, glory, taken up, hearing clearly, unity in the spirit….a few hours feels like a short time… It’s not unusual to be overshadowed for whole days at a time. It’s wonderful…. 🙂 Song of Songs, faint with love… 🙂

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