NEW Podcast online today – Expanded Hearts

podomatic justin abraham expanded

Live beyond the body – in Jesus expand your hearts, move to and fro, and release his government through being inside the Name. Join Justin Abraham in Seattle Revival Centre as he practically activates, inspires and imparts on journeying in the Kingdom realm of God. The music at the end is ‘Awake O Sleeper’ by the talented Amy Thompson available on iTunes. Click here to visit the Podcast website

2 thoughts on “NEW Podcast online today – Expanded Hearts

  • I would like to inform you that I have sent 50 GBP via Paypal to you.

    I live in Perth West Australia and met Milly Bennett when she came here to Madeline Yan Teo, Yvonne Hale and others here in Perth.

    Thank you for your ministry it has helped me way beyond the normal. Keep going!!

    Regards in Christ Jesus Gwen Hamence

  • Justin!
    While listening to the bit on this podcast in which you took us through the expansion of our spirits I happened to glance over at a Mini Cooper with the license plate that read: MINIXL
    We are bigger than we know! It was a nice confirmation! : )

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