On the Road again…

Years ago some friends prophesied that I would be “The Travelling Man”. It has been an honour and a dream come true to see the world and and see Papa move on people in his love. This coming week I’m off to the USA again with my friends Jane and Stephen. We’re in Seattle Washington and then onto Idaho. Then Jane continues her adventures onto India. Here’s the USA info –

supernatural school 1 (2)


Our hearts will very much be in the UK as the Scottish referendum comes. I think we can safely say as a Welsh, English and Scottish team- together we’re stronger and there is something powerful in tribes walking hand in hand in love and unity. We’re praying for the UK to make it! 

Bath Spirit School

We’ve had an amazing time in Bath. Tremendous unity and openness. It was tangible. It was an excellent time. Excited about this. Next session we’re talking about the Government and Courts of God and the heavenly ecclesia. Details are online. It’s a FREE school and runs for 6 months. 

facebook banner spirit school bath oct

Finally don’t forget the Welsh Spirit School! We meet once a month in a Cardiff community centre to experiment in worship with Janine John and friends, and the prophetic, with teachings on various elements of the new creation- from the KAINOS phenomena to functioning in the Kingdom Realm of the Father. 

Spirit School Oct 2014v2

Thanks once more for our invisible financial partners. You are our heroes! We couldn’t do this without you and we appreciate you very much.

Onwards and upwards! 

Blessings and bliss, Justin Abraham 

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