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On the 18th of this month, the people living in Scotland will decide whether or not their future is with the UK. They will decide whether to go it alone, or continue with us. 

I know everyone is free to think differently on this. I don’t want to presume to be an expert on any of this. I know there are many reasons people want to break up the UK. I just want to share what I feel. You are free to agree or disagree. I just want to talk…

I was praying for Europe a number of years ago, and I went into a visionary experience where I was shown different nations in Europe and some of their destinies. I was shown alliances and callings. 

I was shown France, Poland, Germany and the UK specifically.

France I saw the angel of France. She was beautiful and looked like Joan of Arc. She was heroically fighting for the destiny of the nation against hordes of darkness. I saw the war could only be won through the rising love of the people towards one another. 

The vision moved across to Poland. I saw a white eagle. I understood there was a deep well of destiny in the nation. A destiny we have yet to see rise. A white Eagle nation. A strong prophetic voice to emerge. A hub of prophetic visionaries. 

servant-of-all1I saw Germany, and how it’s greatest call as a Leader was to be the servant of all. That it’s might would be revealed best in its humility and meekness. That, if as a nation, it would prefer others and build up other nations, it would become a father of nations. It would have spiritual sons in the lands of Europe. If it went lower and gave it economic strength to build, it would be considered truly great, and become deeply loved. 

I then saw Britain. In the vision it looked like it was made of silver/ steel and I could see these beautiful joins between the nations 0f Scotland, Wales and England. Supernatural joins. I saw how the British tribes were actually welded together by God. Papa showed me he had joined us with purpose together. It was his doing. There is strength in being UK. I heard the words “What God has joined together…”. 

In another similar experience I saw Scotland prophetically as a great mystical being earthed into creation. I saw it emerge as a giant rising out of the green lands. In that moment I saw how it was a bardic nation like Wales, yet different from Wales. They were warrior bards. That the Spirit of Might was connected to their DNA. 


The Lord spoke a mystery to me at that time. He said we would “Need the strength of Scotland for what’s coming.”. He gave me no indication what “was coming” nor a clue to it’s meaning, other than his heart for us, and how we would value Scotland and need its strength. It is a warrior amongst the British tribes. 

As a Welshman I’ve always loved England and Scotland, and Ireland. I’ve never believed in nationalism or liked the racism. We are all mixed together. In fact when I was in work, I used to sometimes wear an England football shirt on casual clothes days. It used to annoy a few of the hardened Welsh but I used to simply reply with a smile “I love England”. It was a wonder! 

Paul_McCartney-1I have to agree with former Beatle, Paul McCartney, who recently said to Scotland “What unites us is much greater than what divides us. Let’s stay together.”. 

Billy Connolly, a fearless stand-up supporter of the union, put it simply: “The more people stay together, the happier they’ll be”. I think that’s true. 

I have never seen so many English saying how much they love Scotland and our lands. I saw in Horsham last week people crying deeply in prayer for Scotland. The intensity in their faces and the genuine sorrow. I looked at them with amazement and thought “If only the Scots could see this…”. 

Justin AbrahamOnly when you might lose something do you realise it’s true value. 

I simply love the UK. I am hoping Scotland chooses to stay with us. Both for them and us. Powerful nations choosing to be together for love and a greater purpose. A sign and a wonder to the world. 

Those are my thoughts. Thanks for listening.  

Cheers Justin Abraham 




37 thoughts on “BLOG: United Kingdom

  • Beautiful Justin ….straight from God’s heart. Be so blessed and thanks for blessing us so much last week. In His love Michèle

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  • Andrew Mckie

    The NO vote will prevail! In spite of the sabre rattling, the immature blackmail boycott threats which contradict the call for FREEDOM! Yes I want freedom too, freedom to vote freely, without prejudice for the way I believe to be the best way forward for ALL of Scotland, oh and by the way, it is not about breaking away from England, but Wales, and Ireland too! All of them are our neighbours, our friends co – workers, families, fellow Soldiers, Mates, we work side by side, We Socialise with each other, we fight alongside each other, for the Freedom to build on the sure foundation that unite us for the common good of our children’s future which we have enjoyed for 300 years, not on a gamble of a trial run with no chance of returning to the status quo, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” let’s keep all we have achieved from those who had seen the benefits of being better together as an indivisible Union.

  • Part 7 – The “UNITED” Kingdom

    Many of us inhabitants of Great Britain, and even some outside of us, will not say that we are a UNITED Kingdom, but more a DIVIDED nation. One has only to have looked at the troubles of Northern Ireland, the SEPARATE and devolved parts of Scotland and Wales. Their animosity stretching back centuries for all to observe. In fact Scotland, Ireland and Wales are Celtic nations, and one may even include Cornwall, part of England whose roots are also Celtic. Yet, seemingly, England rules supreme.

    Even geographically, the boundaries remain. Hadrian’s Wall separates Scotland from England and Offas Dyke separates England from Wales. Even Northern Ireland is separated by water from Scotland and Wales. Indeed the whole of Ireland itself is separated from each other, with a border between its North and South.

    A number of years back, whilst attending the 1st Braveheart Conference in Edinburgh. I believed the lord said this to me… “JUST AS HADRIANS WALL SEPERATES ENGLAND FROM SCOTLAND AND OFFAS DYKE SEPERATES ENGLAND FORM WALES (PHYSICALLY), SO TO, AM I UNITING THEM SPIRITUALLY”

    I then had a picture of England, Scotland and Wales joined together to one another, with NO geographical, political or historical boundaries, with the Dyke and the Wall removed. There were not 3 separate entities, but ONE. Later the Lord said to me… “I am doing a work amongst the Celtic nations” For the first time, I realised that Ireland had its place with Wales and Scotland as IT TO, was a Celtic nation.

    He reminded me of the myth of a great giant who built a causeway from the North East Tip of Ireland to the South West part of Scotland…He said… “In the same way that I am joining Wales and Scotland to England; I am crossing the divide between Ireland and Scotland and joining them to Wales and each other”. I could see part of gods plan. He was taking them over on “dry ground”

    The miracle here is that England IS NOT A CELTIC nation, but He will join them to these other Kingdom parts for His purpose and His glory. England is far more akin and likened to Europe…yet He will make Britain United and Great to transport and transfer his greatness and the unity to Europe and France as a Nation.

    English blood stock is inherited from European bloodstock. So at the same time that He unites England to Wales, Scotland and Ireland. He also seeks to unite and RE ATTACHES England, with its Celtic and Godly unity RESIDING WITHIN IT to the European Stock. Behold…I do a new thing.

    When Jesus said in Luke, go ye unto all nations, I believe he was saying, go unto all ethnic groups. The Celts can be seen as an ethnic group and so to can the Anglo Saxons… Act 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; Gen 28:3 May God Almighty* bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers until you become a community of peoples.

    I believe this unity, is also necessary in the geopolitical quandary we now face with Scottish move for separate rule

    i to have had a series of prophecy for Britain and certain parts of Europe, perhaps we may share them

      • Thanks Richard, the word i shared was given me back in 2004 and the context of another 11 prophecies given me over the period concerningi the reversing of this nation and reintroducing her into gods role , restored, for great briain in its evangelical role for reaching europe.

      • this is a straightforward view of fathers desire for this nation … in his terms to make this country united spiritually and Britain his country Great again in his purposes and her place.

        The Iceberg  part 2
        (England UK) 2000
        Imagine if you will an iceberg, its tip appearing above the water. In fact only one seventh of the iceberg is above water. The other six sevenths, is submerged. Consider what this means. There is more of it in the dark than the light, as yet only a small part of the iceberg is exposed or seen.  
        Consider the state and form of this berg which is underneath the surface of the water. It is in the dark, away from the light. At best it may dwell in an icy grey light, that is neither in day, yet it is neither in night.
        Such is the heart of man. Such is the heart of a nation.
        However, Gods purpose for this cold, hard, grey icy mass is to expose it to the Light of His Son, bringing it out of dark light, twilight, into daylight. The greater (6/7ths), becoming more visible than the lesser (1/7th)……thereby turning the heart of man upside down through the impossible angle. Exposing the darkest parts to the light, that shines from the surface of The Son/Sun above. Turning the heart of man, the heart of a nation, upside down.
        The world has yet to see the full heart of God in man turned loose in the world.
        The Lord desires to melt the ice grey heart, for the iceberg, in its present state, only causes the water around it to grow cold at its touch. Within the body of man, within its place in its world, its waters touching adversely his closest neighbor. As the sun beams down onto its surface, warming and melting the berg, the berg warms and melts and the waters cool.
        If an ice berg were turned upside down in this manner, it would in fact do the impossible. For it would be defying the laws of gravity, the laws of its physics. In the natural realm by itself, it simply is not possible. However in the spiritual realm it is. Consider.
        2 Kings 6:1-7
        6:1 The Floating Axe Head
        And the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “See now, the place where we dwell with you is too small for us. 2 Please, let us go to the Jordan, and let every man take a beam from there, and let us make there a place where we may dwell.”
        So he answered, “Go.” 3 Then one said, “Please consent to go with your servants.” And he answered, “I will go.” 4 So he went with them. And when they came to the Jordan, they cut down trees. 5 But as one was cutting down a tree, the iron axe head fell into the water; and he cried out and said, “Alas, master! For it was borrowed.” 6 So the man of God said, “Where did it fall?” And he showed him the place. So he cut off a stick, and threw it in there; and he made the iron float. 7 Therefore he said, “Pick it up for yourself.” So he reached out his hand and took it. NKJV
        The axe head had fallen into the river, it had sunk. It and its purpose were lost. Elisha cut off a stick and threw it there….where it had fallen…and he made the iron float. The application of the stick, a piece of wood, is the application of the cross of God to the waters. There is a return to life, a return to purpose. There is a reversing of the laws of nature.
        The greater part of the iceberg is underwater, as a result of the reverse, it’s floating, it’s turning over and through the impossible angle, and a new type of geometry is seen. A new thing. As a result of it turning over the glory of the latter will be greater than the glory of the former. An increase to what was there before.
        As an iceberg turns, particularly one of gigantic size and momentum would create great undercurrent and suction. As the air and the sea currents meet, warm meeting between cold, moist air is hit by cold fronts. This causes storms. Cold water in  =  warm water out.
        An iceberg is a significant lump of ice, broken free from its main land mass. It is a floating, moving mass, deceptively large, yet apparently small. The ice berg is if you like, is an island. Not attached to the land at it sides or the ocean bed at its roots. It mirrors the human heart, itself encased in a pericardial sac, and this in turn, lies amidst the human body, itself, mainly composed of water, over 80%
        The ice berg is the cold, dense, dark heart of man within the water of the body of man. It in turn is an island amid waters…. An iceberg is an island……and so is Great Britain.
        Margaret Thatcher became famous for the quote…”this lady is not for turning”. Father God is making a statement about the heart of this country and its place as a nation… ”this country IS for turning.”  And as it turns it will encounter the clear blue heavens of its Fathers love, the warmth of the rays of His Son and will be touched by the clear air of His Spirit. As the chemistry of love and the physics of heaven, meets with the biology of man, the geography of heaven appears and a new map is formed.
        As this immense berg turns, its heaving waters will rush to its nearest shores, those of Europe, its neighbor, who will experience the change of its heart and warmth in its waters. May He let us welcome the change to our hearts and the nation it’s turning to His purpose. He will finish what He has started, for He is the Mastermind. He wants the mind and the heart of the Master to be within you.
        It can be done, it can be done in us, it can be done in this nation and it can be done in this continent…why for as the word says…we each have a beam…and so has a nation…v6 says it…”Please, go to the Jordan, and let every man take a beam from there”. We all have access to the cross, to Christ, to Jesus. God knows where we have fallen, where with His work, with ourselves and with this country we have fallen short. But like Elisha and Moses, will we ask v.3 “please consent to come with your servant”. The answer is clear…v.7 “Pick it up for yourself”…He was there with His servant, He is there and here with us now, and he already has cut down His tree, his beam, in Jesus and just as He is ascended, He is ready now to again pick up His cross for us now, will we pick up our cross for Him, for His country and His continent.

        Keep on asking, not just asking but stating, His view, demanding His view be envisioned. Ask and he will turn this nation, this iceberg, this island upside down.


  • I’m so moved and touched that so many want the union to stay together.i am not racist or anti anybody but I have felt something all my life living in Scotland that we are not equal. I know many scots who feel the same. I love the idea of staying together with the uk and I too love England Ireland and Wales. But I actually feel it’s almost a helpless situation. We are not represented in Westminster government and I think that the yes vote would ensure that whoever I elect is more likely to represent me in my scottish government. I fear if I vote no that we are snookered. That we will be even less important in Westminster. I love the United Kingdom but I suppose I have never felt equally united with some parts of it. I actually could cry thinking of my beautiful country having to make such a decision. My prayer for Scotland is that God will move in this land and lift us up to stand equal and united with her sisters and brothers. If the yes vote prevails I hope that we will always be united with the rest of the uk. I know my post isn’t as spiritually deep but I’m just trying to express how many in Scotland feel and it’s actually something that almost hangs over Scotland and its people.

      • Yes I understand what you mean. I think I meant some Scots feel they have no alternative but the yes vote. I didn’t mean hopeless. I am continuing to pray over Scotland and no matter the outcome that there will be unity on this island.

  • Justin, I agree with you with all my heart, and I am praying for us to stand together in this hour. Some of us who were either at Horsham, or who listened to those who were, are on an extended time of prayer and fasting for His Sovereign will to come to pass. Thank you for your own tears and intercession for England.

  • As an English girl with Scottish roots, I’ll be sad if we become divided. Yes there are complexities and difficulties to the decision but our united islands are part of what makes Britain Great.

  • Hi Justin Thank you so much for the message below just wanted to let you know how much it impressed itself upon my spirit. Caused me to pray for the unity of UK. Amazing.


    Joan Liverpool.

  • Yes, indeed! The Lord sent me to drive in and out through the borders, prophetically “sewing” England and Scotland together. So agreeing with you for a united United Kingdom!

  • Hi Justin. I agree on every level with your view that we need to stay united as islands. I’ve been praying about this too and the nature and character of the way we could separate disturbs my spirit. Each of the other nations has been appallingly treated by England historically but much has been done through repentance and forgiveness to heal those actions. Not all though.
    I was asking The Lord for a heavenly perspective on this only the day before yesterday and he gave it through a friend of mine. He said “These islands are a family”. And I suddenly saw that he sees us that way. I got the impression that each nation plays a part in this family as in any family but that there’s been so much hurt and control and abuse that the reaction in Scotland and Wales and Ireland is that they’re like teenagers who want to run away from the abuse and leave home.
    The English express themselves like a Father who’s had enough of his control being rebelled against. Sadly he’s brought it on himself (as we English have).
    The answer is Love. For the Father character to truly love his children in word and action. So we must let them go for a season, hoping and praying they’ll return because we truly love them.
    There is a heartcry for recognition going up from the Scots at the moment – a lament that pulls at our heart strings – “Let us grow up! Let us take responsibility and stand alongside you, England, in the world!” They need to be released and nurtured into this and maybe even the process of the vote will help them to stand – as it has Eire. They are full grown and need their own space. But we don’t want complete cut off or separation do we? We want them to stay in the island family. So let them do it voluntarily – how much more powerful and deep will be the relationship then? It’s a risk, yes. But it’s the same risk we take with our young adults, with mature believers who vote with their Spirit and feet about what God is doing, leaving church so they can fly free. And we English need to go on one knee and say “We love you so we’re not controlling you any more! We’re sorry. We humble ourselves and lay our open heart before you – we honour you, we respect you. We hear you. Please come back into our family.”
    I don’t want the Scots to leave the Union. In any way. I want them to choose to be part of our Family, to offer their gifts and skills and pioneering warrior spirit to the world as a full part of this Family. What they carry is unique and we won’t find it elsewhere. The same is true of the Welsh and Irish (both North and South.)
    God can restore our Family of Islands but it may take time. And it may not take the same shape. And that’ll certainly take prayer.

    • I agree mismert .
      and my opinion is this.
      equalaty in a union is not equal when one is dominant over the other three.
      I am for independence but also for a united islands of Britain , we need to step away in oreder to come back as equals. What ever the outcome its the begining of a shift and a change for release over all these Islands for gods will to be done.
      I see a unifide body of the British Isles , a new and equal body with all parts sitting together no one greater than the other.

  • I wonder if this verse, can be relevant to this debate, out “view on it” Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you.

    • thank you for the God and politics article …Part 6 – Rule Britannia

      Britain in its history was once called Great, and it was indeed great. It ruled the waves and was once the governing head of the Commonwealth of the nations. It has lost its “greatness” and is indeed far from being a “United Kingdom”. In fact years ago it spawned a great navy, a vast fleet and flotilla, of both merchant and naval shipping in might and power. In years past God used its power to spread the Gospel to the far reaching corners of the Commonwealth with some success. For in some respects it tried to make those far away inhabitants more like themselves, and in a means the hope fell apart.

      God was once with the nation a “missionary country”. That is not to say that those who venture to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ are failing today. But rather this country has lost its greatness and unity with God. Its ability to measure truth has been stunted and blunted. It no longer has the cutting edge and place with God amongst the nations.

      England, I believe has always meant to be in Gods hand as His tool. Like Mark, who in his youth walked with Gods greats…it is my belief; He is once again preparing and calling His Mark, this nation to these fields… the fields of Europe. In part the mission field is its own soil, its own country, through Gods inner work and vision and reaching outward to its neighbour, France and Europe, beyond, to the outer extent of the vision…2Ti 4:11 Only Luke is with me. Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry.

      God needs to change the heart of a nation, to become a minister TO the nations.

      Mark, as this country, once had a cutting edge…its axe edge became blunt. Its head fell off the shaft and disappeared under muddy waters. But like those who explored and sought for the sunken Titanic…God knew where she lay and in what depths to find her. He has chosen to raise her from the depths of her long sleep…and like the one who found her deep down…he, God, having found her said… “I will come back for you, for I have left my name there”

      Like the Titanic, she, His nation, His church in this country…she was a wreck, deep in the waters, up to her neck in mud and slime. But God found her, just like those explorers who longed to find her….for he had never had taken his eyes off her, but was ready for her future service. “TELL MARK I HAVE NEED OF HIM”. Just like the film, though he intends to make the ending all the more real. He found her and raised her. Like the axe head, God raised that up by the power of the cross. Because I live, Jesus said, you shall live also.

      He wants again, to make Britain a maritime nation, only this time to rule by the waves of his Spirit, upon the waters boundless limits that He sets…But there mighty [is] Jehovah for us, A place of rivers — streams broad of sides, No ship with oars doth go into it, And a mighty ship doth not pass over it. Robert Young Literal Translation 1862, 1887, 1898 Info

      This country is an island iceberg , and set for turning. The Titanic was sunk by an iceberg; this ship represented all that was known of the engineering of man. If it had not fell, oh how it would have “lit up” the oceans of the nations. The Titanic as it was, is similar to Europe, its EEC as it and its nations has been engineered by man in a particular way. It, Europe, believes its strength is in its planning, in its purpose for the future of the peoples of Europe and its developing and strategic role in the World.

      Again I say…EUROPE AS THE TITANIC, CANNOT WITHSTAND THE ICEBERG THAT IS BRITAIN. God is loosing its iceberg Britain from its AGE LONG ROOTS OF ITS moorings. The European Titanic, in its pride and blindness CANNOT or WILL NOT SEE WHAT IS COMING, BUT IS SAILING IMPERIOUSLY TO DISASTER…it is ill prepared and ill equipped. It thinks itself INVINCIBLE, even UNSINKABLE. It neither understands the times or its tides.

      God is turning the iceberg Britain upside down and making her to be a force, like the Titanic was meant to be in its time. But under His ensign it will be a humble but great force IN HIM to be reckoned with, to sail the seas of the Holy Spirit.

      She herself, BRITAIN, GODS OWN RAISED TITANIC, WILL APPROACH the ICEFIELDS OF FRANCE and EUROPE, its frozen spiritual tundra , but she Britain will remain whole through His might…and THIS, HIS MIGHT, will be dispersed amongst the nations.

      Father God does not want his Britain to be divided, He wants her whole, as one .Not to be ruled and governed by Europe’s King (EEC), but rather he wishes this country to once again deliver, to be the vehicle, the bearer, the carrier of the message and means that is Gods Kings, the message and person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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