Micro Blog: Dripping with Oil

psalm133Papa God showed me he would pour out oil on his people, the oil of unity and it would saturated. They were dripping in oil. This oil removed friction and competition. In the future we will see side by side people that in this era have fought each other. God Himself is going to unify His people by the power of the Oil. John 13:35

3 thoughts on “Micro Blog: Dripping with Oil

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    The theme of Unity appears to be growing. Let’s pray now’s the time Father is answering Jesus’ prayer for all believers (John 17:20-25), which involves our becoming one not only with each other but also with Them. And that involves our being in the glory that Father gave to Jesus…*WOW* (Thank you Justin)

  • Dear Company of Burning Hearts, Could you please re-send me the “MICRO BLOG; DRIPPING WITH OIL” as I was intently listening to Justin’s wonderful message about the Mountain/s the whole thing suddenly disappeared off my screen, I am so disappointed as I found Justin’s message wonderfully interesting, I just love the deeper mysteries. Thanks a million, Diana

    Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 13:34:18 +0000 To: waterfall.fire@hotmail.com

  • yesterday before reading this blog I accidentally dumped half a flask of anointing oil on myself. It smelled great. The fragrance and essence permeated the room at work. Convergence. JESUS bless you some more!

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