Turning the Tide with Rachel Abraham

The Tide is turning

BLOG: Turning of the tide!

I was recently at a workshop with my lovely husband in Chester. A real treat for me, able to sit at his feet and listen and take in the revelations that God has given him, watch him preach his heart, preach the gospel, unpack christian ways of mysticism and blow a few fuses! Ha Ha!

Justin Abraham

Love the guys in Chester and what they are doing and standing for. God as HE is…supernatural!
When I was there God told me ‘the tides are turning’. He did not give me much else and this is normally how He speaks to me and lets me figure out the rest.

You know it’s God when the phrase doesn’t leave you. For the last 2 mornings I have woken up with a Holy Spirit excitement inside me, excitement of the days ahead.

Well, I thought I would take a moment out of my very busy day and look up ‘Turning the tide’ on Google and I found these wonderful descriptions:

• To cause a reversal in the direction of events; to cause a reversal in public opinion

• To change a situation or people’s opinions to the opposite of what they were before

• To completely change the direction of something

Wow! Can you imagine God turning things on their head, causing a reversal of public opinion, turning things upside down, topsy turvy!


I feel that this is not only connected to world events but church events aswell. How about the church starting to really live as Sons of God and manifest themselves in the authority that He has given them. I mean really LIVE like sons of God. Hundreds of people sitting on the mountain, governing their city, their town, their school, their local government, their university, their workplace, their family.

Let me put it another way… YOU sitting and governing, holding in your heart, YOUR city, town, school, local government, university, youth club, workplace, family.

YOU seeing God’s government reign… this is really powerful stuff

The Ecclesia rising to it’s rightful place.

IS 54v14
You will be secure under a government that is just and fair.
Your enemies will stay far away.
You will live in peace,
and terror will not come near.

Rachel AbrahamLet’s be encouraged together, let’s be excited together.

The Tide is Turning! 



7 thoughts on “Turning the Tide with Rachel Abraham

  • Thanks Rache,
    I read your post. I live in Chester and have been praying lots for the city. I think it is interesting God spoke that to you whilst you were here. Around the same time as you had that word, God spoke to us similarly, so thank you.

    Sent from my iPad


  • Thanks for sharing the “the tides are turing”. I had dream 2 days ago, that I found myself on the other side of river which I crossed earlier to this side to do something, and now I need to go back to do another thing which is important to do, which mean I need to cross the river back to the place I came from. so I told peoples with me want to go back the other side of river, when I turned and see the river turned the other direction of flow/current, it became more raging & it seem opposite to me, in my heart I say “oh, how do we go back with the opposite directions of water, if we swim in, we might all taking the other way, we might not make it” but, we all decided jump into the river and swim & cross over this river. When I jump in I swim what I use to swim (breaststroke) , but suddenly I tried the other type of swim “free style” then I found myself sunk & cannot breath, I was scare but immediately I changed my swim type back to the “breaststroke” & I made it, quickly I was step on red brick road, and I was amazed & joy that I made it cross over that “trouble water/river”. The revelations that shared by Rachie mean so much to me. Thanks again and God bless. Hope one day can attend the gathering at your church place in England. Cheri Chen from California. USA


  • Preach it Rachel! Lovely to hear from you, keep it up, you’re the other side of the Abraham coin xx

  • This is the word the Lord gave me back several years ago. that the Tide was Turning,,,,,,, then the Alabama football team, called THE TIDE, won several years in a row. It was a prophetic sign for me. Blessings, Pam

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