Stories from BATH, England

the desire to be happy is God-given and should not be denied or resisted but directed to God for satisfaction…we know that everyone longs for happiness. And we will never tell them to deny or repress that desire. It is never a problem to want to be satisfied. The problem is being satisfied too easily.” John Piper

Happy face

Here’s some of the stories from BATH from our recent night there. 

“I heard angels singing during the worship and I felt they were touching our raised hands. Wow!” Gale 

“…when you were talking on Friday evening it looked like you had golden light spinning all over you in a diagonal sort of way, from your head to your toes and all down your arms and hands … hard to explain (sort of reminded me of star trek transporter but not!) and the light was moving incredibly fast … it looked pretty amazing …” Fiona

“Thanks Justin for coming to Bath last nite. Was encouraging, inspiring & challenging in the best way. Fab! Loved it & excited for more adventures in God. Hugely appreciate u sharing with us.” Jayne

“Thanks for inspiring us, firing us up again, making us think out side the box of our minds, stretching us, teaching us and much more. We look forward to seeing you again, please do come back.” Anthea

“Woohoo! Quite a wonderful evening in Twerton tonight with Justin Abraham and folks from Cardiff. It was rich, it was meaty, it was succulent, it went deep. So much to chew over and let His Spirit ruminate. Thanks so much” Michelle

“I experienced a whole new anointing right at the beginning of the praise time. I felt it come on me and thought it was just for the session but it’s continued throughout the day/night since. Love it. So close to Jesus.” Trevor 

Thanks again to all our amazing partners who make this possible.


Wild islands rising!


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