*Latest Podcast


A special one-off mentoring night for a group of visiting Bethel Students in Cardiff. This was a powerful night of engaging the atmosphere of heaven and new creation realities. Talking Eden, time, space and kingdom dynamics This may frazzle your mind and ignite your heart! CLICK here for more.

4 thoughts on “*Latest Podcast

  • Loved listening to this. I have a ton of questions… hope it’s ok to post them here. So, as my spirit is in heavenly places, is my spirit actually in my body also? Justin you mentioned there being two of us…is that just two spirits? Also, given that currently I am in Heaven, desiring but not yet currently experiencing fully that reality, what is it that has to change in me in order to experience this? You mentioned engaging your will over your mind and emotions, so does the soul have to move in order to engage with heaven? Also, have I understood right that it is possible to have experiences in heaven while the body remains here, or alternatively the body moves too? And given that I am in Christ, and kinos, does that mean that my body is the same kind of body that Jesus has now He is raised or does something have to change in my DNA to have a resurrection body? Also, are the men in white linen just people that were raised from the dead or are they anyone who was in Christ before death? You mentioned Moses getting his body back, is he an exception? I always thought people were silly who were worried about cremation in case they missed being raised and now I am wondering if it was me that was silly. Also, to escape death then does my DNA need to be changed? And if so, does that mean I won’t get sick or do you have to keep engaging in healing/rebuking of sickness? Sorry, I know this is a lot. I have just been processing for ages and suddenly my head is clear enough to work out some of what I know I don’t understand. Thank you for everything you do. 🙂

  • .. I feel like Abba just poured out his hearts desire to us..like something he’s been waiting for us to “hear”..wow.. such Glory radiating 🙂 3pgs of notes and Im going back for more!! This is a pivotal message. and The more I hunger for and embrace this reality, the more simplistic it is actually starting to become! from…”The secret of our lives! Wrapped up with Christ in God!” thank you for your amazing journey!….prayers for the whole family! :))

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