*NEW Podcast online – The Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance


Engage the Mystery of the Sacred Dance with Justin Abraham. Recorded at the February Spirit School in Wales. This is the beginning of a journey of discovery to find out what we are made to do on the Earth, to join the Sacred Dance and fulfil the dream of the Father. There’s more to come on this as we enter the days of Convergence, where we synchronise more fully with the blueprints and pattern of Heaven on Earth. CLICK here for the PODCAST website.

4 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast online – The Sacred Dance

  • Thanks for this. Recently had a dream /vision? where I was standing with sound within me moving outward…. and this went out into earth …creation… etc. Then I saw myself in small groups of people, large groups of people teaching about the sound of Heaven aligning with us … . Amazing to me… then and now… the people were hungry for these words and they accepted them. then saw you tube presentations on facebook. How music played to a man in dementia.. he became animated, sang, spoke. When familiar music was played, somehow it connected and awakened. Katherine

    Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 14:05:28 +0000 To: pureheart333@msn.com

  • Justin and Company of burning hearts, you don’t know me in the natural, I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the USA but I am part of your tribe!! I eat, drink and fellowship at your table and I am strengthened and full of joy partaking of Holy Trinity with you! I don’t know if we will meet on earth (I pray we do) but I look forward to many encounters with you in the spirit! Love Chenoa

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