Blog: Thank you for Bob Jones!

Bob JonesI’m finding it hard to write how I feel today.

Bob Jones went to be with the Lord this morning.

I know he was one of Papa’s true friends and I heard he went with a smile. I am so glad it was on Valentines day. 

Yet I am so moved at him going. I know Heaven is at hand and close to us, and we will see him, yet I loved him. He impacted my life greatly. I only met him a few times but his messages shaped so many of our lives. He was a one of a kind prophet. 

I was hoping to visit him soon. I also know how much he was loved by his many friends. He will be so missed. Bob was a true love revolutionary.

At first I thought his mantle was about seeing the unseen and hearing God, seeing angels. I eventually realised it was much, much more than that. He was God’s friend. Imperfect, quirky but God’s friend with a heart of Gold. That’s the highest call of all. That’s what we all yearn for more than anything. 

His wife Bonnie is a wonderful woman and I know she carries the same heart. She has been great wife and support to Bob. Papa is going to honour that and I know she will continue his legacy.

Thank you Lord for Bob Jones. 

Justin Abraham

10 thoughts on “Blog: Thank you for Bob Jones!

  • I so Love and appreciate the ministry of The Lord thru this man. Met him on a few occasions and since those meetings have searched for as much to glean from Bob as possible. I’m praising God for him and believe it was the purpose of Jesus to take Bob back home on “Love” Day!!! I remember Bob saying that The Lord would ask him when they had met face to face on occasions …”Have you learned to love?”……and now here today God has called him home on the day we celebrate Love. I believe the answer to that question must be…..Bob Jones learned to love. Hallelujah!!! Praise The Lord!!!!!

  • Thank you, Justin, for letting us know. Our news channels do not have it yet. I am sending my prayers to his family. I know that Bob Jones does not need them, himself, because the Lord already has his welcome party going! He has done so much for so many, and I am sure he will be doing much more from the Heavens. The Father truly blessed our world with Bob Jones…

  • This amazing man impacted my life first by his influence on Metro in Kansas City (along with so many of my friends). I listened to him again in ’97 in Newcastle. He’ll be sorely missed by us but the angels will be rejoicing to see their friend come home… A race faithfully walked with perseverance and love. What a testimony.

  • Bless Bob jones heart and spirit… It is a touching realization that he gone but forever in heaven! I feel happy for him and the kingdom of God.. Its a sad thing but very exciting to say the least :). Celebration!!

  • I was so blessed to see him and his wife Bonnie last fall at Gary Oates weekend conference. Great things will break forth in the spiritual realm because of Bob’s home going.

  • Yes, Thank You, Lord, for Bob Jones. Thank You for his life and all You did through him here and in the heavenlies…and all You will do through him on into the rest of Eternity. Wasn’t expecting him to leave any time soon but even so Glory to Your Name!

    Darlene (U.S.)

    Get to know GOD, daily…Then, more and more, you’ll be able to worship Him…rather than the person you perceive Him to be.

    Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 18:22:35 +0000 To:

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