*BLOG: Keep your eyes on Britain!

A fresh force is coming upon us from Heaven.

We’re going to release a clarion call for the UK not to miss its Day of Visitation, and I believe that the Spirit of God is declaring over the UK that He has not passed us by, that we are on God’s calendar NOW.” Dr. Sharon Stone

In this update I want to post numerous prophetic words for these islands starting with this word from Julie Meyer

Dr. Sharon Stone has just posted –

Dr Sharon StoneThe Lord says, 2013 began your time to awaken but 2014 will be your time of a new outpouring. An Outpouring that is very new and very different from the past.(That means people can’t go back and say “I want the Welsh Revival all over again”.) An outpouring that will overlap not only the season that you’re in now but the season that will come after the 2014.”

An outpouring of your worship will break through the 100 years of barrenness since the last Visitation. (Listen!)Creation’s voice is crying out for my Glory. So altars of corporate worship are going to need to be built to release My Glory. Glory will turn your barrenness into a fruitful land. Your corporate worship will influence and calculate your harvest and your fruitfulness. 

I am going to pour Myself  out on you but I’ve been waiting for you to pour yourself out on Me. So, My Church of Wales, it’s time to cry, to strain, to exert yourself with tears of intercession for a new quickening power because you are called to seek manifestations of My Spirit.” 

Look at the Welsh people here and say, “You’re called to do strange things for the Lord!” And the Lord says,

And the prophetic anointing will prepare Wales for new Visitation and a new move. Wales you are placed for an outpouring visitation that is going to spread like lightning to you and beyond to Scotland and to England. But before it travels to the nation, nations will travel to you for refuge and My Presence. But you must mend your broken families and then I will give you a building anointing to heal your fractured churches.”

Martin Scott prophesied the following years ago –

Martin and Gayle Scott“…What I saw taking place were some major fires hitting Wales, but the fire that I saw I could only describe as wild fire. It is fire that will explode and a fire that is dangerous. It is a fire that cannot be domesticated (we will not be able to say, I will take some of that fire, put it in the hearth and it will keep me warm – no this is wild fire). And I saw that wild fire begin to jump across the border..”

Jason T. Westerfield prophesied to us in Cardiff –

Reality! Light be! Wake up! It’s the dawning of a new day! The weather is sweet, it makes you want toJason move your dancing feet. The glory of the Lord is rising upon you Wales. Church it’s your day of visitation, it’s your day of awakening. Don’t miss the day and your window of opportunity. Seize this day. Redeem this time. I have given you the nation you asked for. It’s been done in prayer.”

Chuck Pierce in October 2013, prophesied this –

“I say to you I am bringing a new quickening of power across Wales. Get ready, for a quickening power that will cause the birth of heaven to come down into the atmosphere of this nation, is now being released.”

Finally a word from John Paul Jackson

Justin AbrahamWhen I met John Paul Jackson, the first thing he told me was an encounter he’d had for WALES. John Paul was taken up over a land mass by two angels. An audible voice said “Do you know what this is?” He wasn’t sure. The angels took him closer and he was asked again “Do you know what this is?”. The voice continued and spoke and said – “This is Wales. The revival was cut off prematurely but it will be FINISHED!”. John Paul was deeply impacted and shared this with me privately, then again in a public conference. He said the fog is going to clear and the promise is not as far as we think.

I shared these with you today just to share the joy of expectation.

Ian Clayton prophesied in August that it was going to be “different, weird, freaky, unusual, cosmic!” in Wales and that people the world over would remember and say: “This has happened to them before.”

Timescales and How? We do not know. Yet we are awake and expectant, and ready to make a stand.

In the endless bliss, Justin Abraham

9 thoughts on “*BLOG: Keep your eyes on Britain!

  • Hey Justin,
    This totally makes sense. For a few years I have seen it. When I was on the Chester walls a few years ago, we came to a part with history written about it by the river Dee. God was showing us how to keep our eyes open in the spirit, and was speaking about the gateways and doors, but they weren’t what people were expecting. The history plaque on the walls was talking about fire and Wales. I could hardly stand up, God was confirming this. He then showed me whatever hitting Wales (fire, wild, untameable), coming across the border to England. Another time I was on the walls and standing at the clock, a famous landmark in Chester, and I could see the cross (another landmark) and in a direct line (alignment), the welsh hills, and I felt like God asked me to welcome whatever was coming from Wales into chester!
    Enjoy your weekend, will email book when done, only if you don’t have too many commitments ATM.

    Sent from my iPad


  • I feel a fire in my bones i feel a wind and a river something this way comes and it ain,t wicked or by the prick of the thumb its holy and awesome a teardrop of love falls from above on the saints of this nation and thire hearts are melted in love as they wash the lords feet with thire tears.TOday of all days ezekiel the dry bones ezekiel the river folks its a new day .

  • Thank you for sharing these with us. So happy about it and look forward to seeing it come to pass more and more in the here and now. About the Julie Meyer video…for some reason it didn’t have full url address to be able to open the page/video. Can you resend it out, please? Thanks. Bless you all!

    ~Darlene (U.S.)

    Get to know GOD, daily…Then, more and more, you’ll be able to worship Him…rather than the person you perceive Him to be.

    Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 13:53:11 +0000 To: darlene_miller@hotmail.com

  • We were told the great end time move would begin in the Pacific rim beginning in Australia starting in the north of Queensland prophesied a year ago.

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