*BLOG: Pins become Thrones

Justin Abraham

I’ve just come back from HORSHAM near LONDON with the Glory Company

Papa gave me a real clear word for England and the UK. 

We all know Isaiah 22:22 – the Key of David. But have you read what comes in verse 23-

“And I will drive him in like a peg into a secure place,

and he will become like a throne of glory to the house of his father. (Isaiah 22:23)”.

Small pegs are going to become thrones of glory across these islands… do not despise the small!

One translation says “hammered” into a secure place. 2012/2013 was a time of hammering and testing. 

Faith has been tested. Vision refined. What is coming out is strong and glorious like GOLD. 

Small people, small pegs (one translation says ‘pins’), small communities are becoming GLORIOUS thrones.

God is coming to SIT on HIS thrones. Places where the HEAD will rest. His government, His power, His glory.

The ECCLESIA that blurs heaven and earth and moves beyond the seen. 

I see NEW dimensions being released that we have NEVER seen before. It has not been on the Earth. 

Excited about the year. Excited about the UK. Wild Islands RISING- Made to BURN!

Cheers Justin Abraham

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