*NEW Podcast online – The Rising Ecclesia

The Ecclesia

Recorded in Belfast Ireland- with PropheticIreland.org. In this session we engage with the Courts of God together to shape the future of Northern IRELAND. We begin to talk about the function of the ECCLESIA in the Heavenly Court system. Our role as new creations to shape the world, and the new era we are called to shape.

We knew the next day a march would be taking place in the City that had caused great problems last year relating to the use of Flags. Some of the media believed the same violence would happen again this time. Riot police were out on the Streets. In this recording you will hear some of the legislating we engaged in the Courts to prevent violence. We went to bed expectant about the next day knowing something had happened that night.

Amazingly the next day the papers read “HOPE Triumphs” as the march was peaceful and quickly faded. One of the people at the conference had family in the Centre and they said everything was fine. Heaven rules! Here’s the Media headline-

Hope Triumph

The Ecclesia is Rising! We are hearing other similar stories from all over the world via Facebook and the blog. It may be immature but we are learning new ways of shaping the world together. The reality is this is more than optional revelation. We must learn to GOVERN the EARTH. The bible calls us the “Shields/ Guardians of the Earth” (Psalm 47:9). We must begin to be all we are truly called to be- and that is multifaceted from feeding the poor, managing business, engaging culture, to operating in Heavenly realities and working with Angels & the Saints. It’s time to grow up into the Head (which is His Government of Peace).

If you’ve enjoyed this Podcast you can find more on our Podcast website – companyofburninghearts.podomatic.com.

The inspirational music at the end of the session is from the iHOP Kansas Prayer Room- 24/7 music. Visit http://www.ihopkc.org/prayerroom for more great tunes. 

Thank you for journeying with us in 2013!

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