*BLOG: Ireland Ancient Land New Rising

Hey guys, hope you’re doing great out there. Busy time with Christmas festivities. I don’t know about you but our kids are wired, cute, buzzing, excited for the BIG day!

Justin and Rach

We’ve just come back from IRELAND hosted by Pauline and Prophetic Ireland. It was a family fest as we both engaged some serious issues in the Courts of heaven and drank from the bliss of Papa’s Heart most of the day. It was real Justice and real Party! I guess that’s a lot like Heaven then! 

Ireland 2013

We went knowing we had a specific mandate to deliver in the Courts related to gang warfare and trouble in the region. Little did we know the significance of the timing – that in Belfast the next day there was going to be a protest – which last year was full of trouble and affected trade and was very disruptive. The press had been saying for weeks there would be lots of trouble.

We engaged Heaven and stepped into the Court. It was powerful standing together. We followed the protocol to the best we could and we felt it land. I wondered what the march would be like the next day. We were amazed. The next day when the march took place the paper read “HOPE TRIUMPHS!”.

Hope Triumph

What a turn around!! Not only was there little trouble, the protest just faded away peacefully. The Government of God in hiddenness changing the atmosphere of a City. Hope and Peace won! Wow!!! We are powerful. That’s the TRUTH! 

Stevie shared at the weekend about the 7 Spirits and moving beyond Pentecost. Jane shared on the Seraphim, the burning heart of love, and engaging the Fire. It was great. Really honour these guys the way they sow their lives. Also honour Pauline for the work and prayer her and the team put into this. Really was great!

We also had the opportunity to visit Saint Patrick’s first church in IRELAND the hub of mystical Christianity breaking open in the land and ushering in an era of the Saints.

St Patrick Church

While we were there I saw something amazing – the Angelic Canopy. I saw that in celebrating the past acts of people we had forgotten that angels were intrinsically involved in all that happened – the hidden heroes – and that the FUTURE was connected to their being again people who walked with Angels. They are a massive part of the past but ALSO the future.


We engaged with the Scroll to see this happen again and repented for ignoring the angelic and separating something God had joined together- the church and angels. We again engaged the Court and asked for a new convergence to take place, where angelic appearances are so common they are part of everyday church, family life, and in our homes. Again it was powerful, and I was impacted by seeing it all laid out before us. Jane also saw something quite powerful. There’s much more I could say on this. It was very moving. We love angels… and so does Jesus!

Justin Jane Stephen

I am excited about IRELAND. This was our 7th time in the nation ministering and I can see real and sustained growth and movement. It is changing, becoming free, and I think there are going to be many new markers and signs of this in the Land. Keep looking. A new era of the Saints is rising and it will be beyond even what happened in the past. God having prepared something better for us, the saints not being complete apart from us. We are in this together and the Bible says it’s going to finish well! 

That’s my thoughts for today. Thanks for journeying with us.

Justin & Rachel Abraham

Looking forward with Joy! Cheers Justin 

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