*NEW Podcast online today- Jane Schroeder

Jane Schroeder

Can you see Jesus face to face? What forms can he appear in? What does the Bible say about this? What experiences have people had in history and today? In this joy filled session Jane Schroeder shares some great stories of visitations of Jesus and how to engage him in your lifestyle. This is a life surge message to increase your enjoyment that it’s for you also. Recorded at the Hub in Harrisonburg Virginia you’re going to love this! CLICK here to visit the site- or download from iTunes. Jane Schroeder is touring the USA April next year so keep your eye open. Cheers!

One thought on “*NEW Podcast online today- Jane Schroeder

  • My oh my! I listened to the new Jane Schroeder pod this morning on my way to work. Once been in travail ever since this morning and holding a prophetic word concerning your beloved Princess Dianna. I am from the states. I cannot wait until I am off work to get the rest of the word but know that she is in heaven and she knew Jesus as a child.
    Jane thank you for reviving the burning fire in my spirit. Go and ignite fires everywhere! Come to.Massachusetts some day. We would love to see you here. We need the fire in Massachusetts!

    Heavenly Regards,

    Donna Pellegrino

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