*BLOG: from the Road – NZ

Last blog we talked about Australia and the amazing things we saw there.
This time we’re talking about visiting NZ with Papa Ian Clayton!

IMG_4563After 5 years of walking with Ian and learning from him, it was so cool to finally meet his wife Kay – there she is above. Kay is the secret ground control behind the man and she’s awesome! They have a bunch of sweet people around them young and old. And they sure know how to do wild fireworks!  (*Clearly us Brits haven’t realised you have to jump over fireworks for it to be fun!!) Crazy ha ha!

NZ fireworksThere are some great people pulling together in NZ. It’s in the early stages but you can see there’s a gathering beginning, the early signs of a moving out from the familiar. It’s not as far out as Australia, but it’s there in infancy. I think over the next few years it will take more shape.

Ian Clayton conference NZI can see why Ian loves the land so much. NZ did not disappoint. It has to be one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve visited yet. Epic! Dreamy. Trippy!

IMG_4588From weird volcanic holes and bubbling pools, to forests, mountains and powerful rivers.

NZ volcanic poolThe landscape changes around every corner. We went exploring and it was amazing…


Justin A

NZ poolsIt was great getting time with Ian, finally seeing his home and custom built car, the veggy patch and meeting Kay. Met some great people and looking at being back in NZ and Australia July and possibly November. Keep watching for updates.

Justin Abraham and Ian Clayton

Next stop IRELAND – join us if you can! Blessings Justin A

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