*NEW Podcast Online- JoAnn McFatter


New Session online today – recorded at DAYS of WONDER in Cardiff with Company of Burning Hearts. In this session, JoAnn talks about sound, quantum physics, and the Lord singing over us. It’s encouraging, uplifting and provoking. We hope this will feed you and spur you onto releasing your own special sound in the world.

CLICK here for the PODCAST site.

OR you can download directly (the best way) from iTUNES here.

If our Poddies are helping you and you’re enjoying what we do, perhaps you’d like to donate and help out with the costs. It also support our team in reaching the nations. Cheers Justin Abraham

2 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast Online- JoAnn McFatter

  • Dear brothers and sisters. Thank you so much forr the free podcasts. A friend gave me the link and I enjoy the teachings very much. I live in Holland, Dronten, and hope that you come with a team to our little country soon.
    I know that this message is thrilling in my soul, but not so many believers are with me in this. But I believe the Lord is full of mercy and will touch many in the coming time.
    I love to see more in the Spirit, at the moment I feel like a little child, but I am learning and the Lord told me that who knocks will be opened and who seeks shall find! So one day I will see clearly into the Spiritrealm.

    Iwill encourage you from Holland, to go on. Much blessings and love. Wendeline

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