*BLOG: The Challenge of Change

Justin AbrahamJesus spoke to me a few years ago and said we are in an era of “FORCED CHANGE”.

Jesus asked me if I knew what that was. I waited for him to tell me more.

He said that forced change is change that will come more quickly than what we can comfortably handle. That it rapid change that will force the church into a new era. It will challenge, and break down the status quo.

It will be beyond the abilities of the current church grid to assimilate and will force people to change their thinking, their outlook, how they live. The church is going through the greatest change it has seen since the reformation or the time of acts. This change is going to intensify and is unavoidable, and it has already begun.

How do we handle that? With fear? With uncertainty? No by no means. It will be hard but also exciting.

In the turbulence of change we have to have a different way of seeing the world, a softness, an ability to be redefined. We have to realise there is more we don’t know than we know. That we may have been wrong in what we think. That our view has been partial and incomplete.

Birthing hurts. But the baby is worth it.

Mistakes will be made. We must not fear that. This is an era of grace and we are developing and growing. What we think today we may not think tomorrow as God reveals the Truth to a greater degree. Lesser truths may become irrelevant and higher Truths are revealed.

This is not an easy time. But it is an exciting time if we will embrace the currents of change and allow ourselves to be redefined.

I once saw a vision of people looking at each other and saying “I don’t even recognise you anymore.” People were that changed, and I knew it was a wonder and a joy, and that people were glad. They had moved beyond expectation.

Humanity is changing. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known (1 John 3:2). But what we do know is that the world is waiting for it to happen. More than the world. The whole Cosmos. There’s something bigger we’re a part of. God’s Great Master Plan.

Finally, I would like to say this – we are making mistakes. Some of the things we do and teach today may not prove to be completely right tomorrow. I’m okay with that. We are walking the less known path, not retreading the worn roads. We keep digging in, going lower and asking Papa to teach us. We want to do what is right in His eyes. We are growing.  Evolving. The future versions of us will be less clumsy, more clear, more able to do the works of the Father more fully. Like Peter we learn by doing and sometimes that means sinking in the water- but at least our feet are wet and we did walk a few paces! Jesus is always there to lift us up. We have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

Thank you for being a part of the journey with us. We believe in you.

With gratitude to be alive, Justin Abraham

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