Ian Clayton

We are living in profound times. Change is everywhere. Things are accelerating. The Spirit realm is opening for both believers and those who don’t know God yet. It’s a new spiritual era – a REVOLUTION. Each Nation has its part to play in the FUTURE. In this SPECIAL BULLETIN we share the profound words that were released over WALES and also SCOTLAND. They capture only a part of what we experienced and felt. It was like HEAVEN was pressing in on us. Many people saw the Cloud of Witnesses surround us. Hebrews says they encompass us and they are not complete apart from us. Many experienced deep Spirit encounters with tears. It was like Holy Spirit brooded over us to release a new mandate.

To some this may all seem foolish but to us it is reality and we celebrate the revealing.

CLICK HERE to listen to the WORDS


Over the next few months we will be releasing new material from this and other events.

STANDING with you to see a REVOLUTION. Justin Abraham

3 thoughts on “*SPECIAL BULLETIN – The Scroll of WALES and SCOTLAND

  • Just got back from Ireland, where Ian released a mighty word over the nation. Two earthquakes in the Irish Sea the next day. we listened with tears of joy to the words for Wales and Scotland. We stand together in awe and wonder at what Father is doing in our day.

  • Reblogged this on Scotland Ablaze and commented:
    The Ian Clayton conferences in Wales and Scotland were truly life changing for us as individuals but also for our nations. I don’t remember a time like it when scrolls from heaven were released for a whole nation but thats exactly what happened during the August 2013 conference and you could feel it in a tangible way in the room as people wept and groaned with the emotions birthed by the Holy Spirit. A scroll for our nation was released from the court system of heaven and a new era was released for Wales and our beloved Scotland. This is a special podcast indeed and a special moment for our nations!!!

  • Hi Justin, Sorry to be off topic, but since you are coming to Idaho next month (can’t wait!), I’ve felt for a while that I should give you some info about a fellow in our area. He’s just a regular guy like you, real, down to earth, genuine…but I’ve been amazed at how much on the same page what you release and what he releases prophetically are. His name is Mike Danforth from Yakima, Washington. I’ve told he and his wife about you coming to the Gateway conference. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting for you to hear what the local flavor is, so to speak. His site is http://www.mticenter.com I believe. Stands for Mountaintop International. Awesome podcast too by the way. I love the sound when the whole room erupts into intercession. One of the most beautiful sounds I think!!! Blessings from Washington/Idaho! Sandra Mooter

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