*BLOG: New era for SCOTLAND

Stephen McKie

We just witnessed a historic event in Scotland as Ian Clayton read from the Heavenly Scroll for the destiny of the Nation. Ian had been burdened with it the whole time he was in Scotland with this scroll but it wasn’t landing. Although we prayed into it on the first two days it still did not break open. I was wondering if it would be for the future. Then on the third day Ian came in the morning and I could see on his face he was in the Spirit overnight and something different was about to happen. As Ian spoke about Scotland being chained and talked about the Queen of Scots, and some of the history, it was a weighty tear filled moment, as many groaned and cried at the words. It wasn’t emotionalism it was the Spirit of God moving deeply. 

Tears gave way to joy and the whole room was charged as the word was released. It was like a spiritual sonic boom went off and joy exploded. You could feel it was done! The peace came that we have felt many times after Court sessions in Heaven. That feeling of it being sealed and finished. It was epic! We were overjoyed! 

Scotland Ablaze

It was one of those ‘beyond conference, beyond meeting’ moments where we witnessed a convergence. Ian said his whole purpose in coming to Scotland was to land this word and open up the destiny of the land. Amazing. We all felt so honoured to be a part of this. We honour Scotland Ablaze for who they are and what they have stood for. The fruit is evident. 

Scotland Ablaze

We have agreed with Scotland Ablaze to release a special podcast soon with both the WALES and SCOTLAND decrees and the prophetic words given. It was a weighty time of the Presence in both nations where God and the cloud of witnesses and the angelic came in an unusual way. The Government is finding a resting place. 

It may take time to outwork, and truly we don’t know what this will look like, but what we do know is that we are changing. The future is wide open.

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