*Catch up soon! Been a fun week!

Hey guys, epic time this week with Ian Clayton, JoAnn McFatter and the COBH team


Ian Clayton

We had more people report unusual encounters at this event than at any other time. The future is truly glorious and in many ways beyond what we imagined even a few years ago. People like Enoch showed us a reality that is possible. I realise this all sounds dramatic, but it was! 

Ian taught on the Order of Melchizedek. It was profound new truth that tied so much of the last five years together but also painted a panoramic vision of the Future. It was a mystery revealed for our days. There’s no time right now to expand on this – so as Ian likes to say “Get the CDs!!” 

Justin Abraham

Some very significant words released for Wales specifically. We had a visitation from the three national Angelic beings over the Nation. They were Passion, Fire and Glory. They stood over the gathering and remained there until Ian had released what Heaven was saying. It was a weighty moment and for me personally I was undone and wept. It was that moving to hear Papa’s dream for our Land. All the battles, all the opposition, all the loss is worth it. God cares. God sees. There is a revolution coming out of this tiny land. We believe it. 

Ian Cayton

JoAnn McFatter joined the COBH/ Glory Company worship Band and we had a lot of fun. Great to have her for the first time in Wales. JoAnn said she had a big heart for the UK and had wanted to come here for years. We’d love to have her back again next year. A really sweet woman with a big heart. She shared some real nuggets on sound, frequency, the song, and pressing in. So encouraging.

Thanks everyone for coming. We made some great friends. Feels like a big family again! 

Post conference we’ve been hanging out and having a lot of fun Ian style!

Company of Burning Hearts 

Next stop SCOTLAND… I’ll be updating the Podcasts soon and letting you guys know more of the incredible things that are taking place. This truly is a day of wonder if you will lean into Heaven. Remember it’s right next to your face. Just turn into it and see. Lots of Appreciation Justin 


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