*Recommended VIDEOS from Paul Keith

I’ve just discovered a fantastic series of videos on Youtube produced by Paul Keith Davis and team.

Paul Keith is one of the Father Prophets in the Church. He has written some excellent books and is one that carries a posture of humility and incredible faith. He has had health problems recently and has consequently been travelling less for a season. Instead he’s been putting the time to good use and recording some excellent revelation and Q&A sessions on Youtube. I’ve been amazed at the congruence between what we have been teaching and these videos. In fact it’s timely and has lifted my heart very much. When you pioneer you can sometimes feel alone. The truth is there are many others who are seeing and hearing about the new era also, we are just spread out. Highly recommend this man to you and hoping in 2014 (God permitting) to bring him to Wales.

Cheers Justin A

5 thoughts on “*Recommended VIDEOS from Paul Keith

  • Justin, I can not tell you how much healing has taking place through your love to God, the sound of your words and the agreement of them. Thank you , so so so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! May it all be returned back to you !!!!!! Words are not adequate to describe my graduated!!!!!! Love Andrea

  • Thank you for this post! Love Paul Keith and was not aware of these video’s or of his health challenges. Blessings, J MaryLou Sodano, San Diego, CA

  • I love what Keith says about pulling back the veil to see. I was in one of Ian Clayton meetings in Cali. in worship and in deep worship to God and I felt a tap on my head my head was tilted and I opened my eyes there was a opening and I saw my mom smiling down on me and there were others but only her I recognized> god is so fun I wasn’t seeking her or thinking about her I was worshipping God and He blessed with this vision of an opening and her watching with a smile.

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