*BLOG- Those that walk with Angels


 I’ve been thinking a lot about Angels again recently. How they function, which ones are part of our family, how Jesus worked with them. I’m enjoying the journey of discovery! I’d like to share just a few quick thoughts with you on this…

Randy Clark came with Bill Johnson to Wales recently. In one of the sessions Randy talked about how the angelic is essential to the work of ministry. He made this amazing statement –

Randy Clark “I would suggest to you that on the day of Pentecost we got more than the baptism of the Spirit. We got more than a new relationship with Holy Spirit. We also entered into a new dispensation, a new covenant with the outpouring of the Angels of God. I believe it is literally a new relationship that was opened up by the cross with the Angels of God and the people of God and the Holy Spirit and the people of God.”

The church was literally bathed in wind, fire and Holy Spirit

Hebrew 1:7 – He makes his angels winds, his servants messengers of FIRE. 

Pentecost birthed a NEW normal. The Angelic became intrinsic to the activity of the Ecclesia – the Governmental Church. Heaven and earth blurred at the cross when the veil was ripped and now a new outcome a new era had arrived.

angel So common was the Angelic activity in the early church that when Peter was rescued from Prison by an Angel, we read he knocked at the door and the people there thought it was “just his angel”. They were amazed and astonished when they realised it was the REAL Peter!

My goodness that is a big difference to most churches today!! But it’s changing. Something has already started and is well underway. We are being taught again like Enoch how to work with Angels, be a part of the Government of Heaven.

There was one man in recent history – William Branham who worked with Angels as a pattern for this generation. He was such a humble ordinary man but he demonstrated such power that he birthed a movement that for a time shaped a generation in the USA. His ministry was tied up with Angelic partnership. They worked as a team and when they did William Branham would have 100% accuracy when this Angel stood by him and every time he said they were healed they did get healed. Here’s a small taster video for you to enjoy-

Doesn’t this inspire you? We are blessed to be living today when it is all beginning to accelerate and change. We are again going to see people (like you- ordinary nobodies) who “Walk with Angels” and become extraordinary. They are already around us everyday.

The worn out man made Empires are shaking and a new day of wonder and awe is rising out of the old. A new creation. The Future is invading. Are you in or out?! I hear Heaven calling you- inviting you- to come and see. You were made for glory!

Bless you! Justin Abraham

7 thoughts on “*BLOG- Those that walk with Angels

  • This is timely. I actually watched that Branham video last night. Recently I attended some meetings with James Maloney. When he ministers he has the help of an angel especially when he moves in the operation of a seer and ministers very much like Branham did in that video. I have much to learn concerning the angels. May the Lord grant us discernment and more revelation on this.

  • I like the Incarnatiinal Prophetic Symbology of John 1:13 where Jesus was with the “Wild Animals” (Unregenerate Humanity) and Angels attended Him….I.have had similar experiences of the Ministry and Ministering Presence of Angels.

  • Really timely… You posted this on 10th May and on 11th May and the past following days I had some encounters with an angel. It’s encoraging to read other testimonies from christians about this topic.
    It was normal for the first christians and it should be normal for us today…

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