*BLOG: Reflections on the Unknown Path

Justin Abraham in Germany

Years ago I was deeply impacted by a prophetic word called “The Two Pathways”. It was just one of those words that invaded your heart and exploded inside. A rare word that carried the DNA of heaven. It was written by a British prophetic voice who I’ve never met but the word impacted and shaped something within us. We have posted it many times but have linked it HERE for you to look at it.

I find myself again wondering at the unusual road we are being called to walk. Since we chose to follow it, it seems we don’t fit anymore. It’s like the decision to take this path has moved us further and further out. Or is it the wild fire burning taking us down unpredictable paths? Either way we’re not in control anymore that’s for sure. 

I once was involved in leading a movement in Wales birthed out of unusual glory encounters. Intoxicated and ravished by heaven, we saw great things. It seemed like the BIG one we’d all be waiting for. It seemed unstoppable and for a time it was. 

God shattered the dream when prophet John Scotland said there was about to be a shipwreck. He saw it coming.

He was right. The boat collided with the Big unavoidable Rock. It ended for me as suddenly as it begun. Birthed with joy, imageending with sorrow. Smashed like Humpty never to be put back together again.

Choice for me at that time was removed. Heart relationships ended. Nothing could be done to change that. 

Jesus still is a stumbling block on which we all have to fall. Perhaps this is growing up. Embracing the Rock. He is the Beginning but he is also the End. I met him as the End. 

He said “I am with you.” God whispered to “Embrace brokenness as a friend it is good for the soul”. 

I didn’t even know what that meant. I soon learned the hard way as dreams of revival were shattered… circles completed and I found myself back to the Beginning again. I didn’t even know you could cry that much. I had held that dream so long I didn’t know how to live without it. 

“Will you die?” He said. No, not to sin – we are dead to that already in Christ. It is finished. But die to who I want to be. The false me. The ‘important’ me. My identity. Being anything other than a family man, a husband, a friend, His. 

I embraced the death gladly at the time. I thought it would be quick. But I was wrong. It was painfully slow. Probably my fault again. Some die quickly and let go of themselves. I think I hung onto the hope of something more in Wales for us. Another surge. Healed friendships. Everyone pulling together. A great dream I’d held in my heart since being a teenager. A dream of a nation burning… It didn’t come.

holy islandThe tide came cutting us off and the crowds scattered. I faced the stark realities of being hidden again. Undefined. Uncertain. Only a few friends remained and understood. Priceless people who I have grown to cherish. 

Then the sweet surprises came. Unexpected sovereign visits to heaven. Joyfully meeting Enoch face to face and being taught panoramic truths through seeing the books of the Future and drinking the wine of Isaiah.

Suddenly there were many listening around the world, many connecting to what Papa was saying. Sometimes I found I would teach and not even know how I knew what I knew. I would listen to myself and be amazed. Somehow God infused me with Truth. It was a wonder to me.

I saw glimpses again of something more. Night visions of a Nazarite generation burning, focused, set on the Lord. a million young people on the Streets. Glory invasion, signs and wonders… Europe’s Day. 

But I still faced the stark realities of life. Wales gave me its cold back and hid its heart. I did not fit into the landscape nor did it embrace me. Yet it is my home. I understood Paul’s word that he was “known yet regarded and treated as unknown.” 

The temptation came to fly. A fight to stand firm and root in. The battle was and still is fierce. 

Yet the question remained…

“Will you go where I go? Will you walk where I take you? Will you walk the unknown path?”

I was restrained by the Voice. Held in a vice like grip of love, that caressed my broken head and said – I have hemmed you in on every side and I love you. I love this land. This land of Wales. These islands. Stay here. Wait patiently for the Lord. 

I reached out to the Land. I started to go to the City Leaders monthly events here. They were perhaps suspicious of me. I hid myself in Jesus’ side each time I went. I would cry inside and hope that things would change, that the ice would melt, that they would embrace me.

To console me Jesus even appeared right in the middle of the room and placed his hands on my face. Only I saw him but I know others felt him. He gave me that look that cut to the heart that he loved me, he understood, he cared. It was pure Grace. I was dignified even in the midst of indignity by Love Himself. This is one of my most cherished encounters. He met me even in the place of pain. 

I have accepted we are to some extent vagrants. I am beginning to understand the apostolic journeys of Paul. How often he was alone, or with few beside him. True friends were thin on the ground at times. His writings are revealing. Consider this-

Paul-PrisonIt seems to me that God has put us who bear his Message on stage in a theater in which no one wants to buy a ticket. We’re something everyone stands around and stares at, like an accident in the street. We’re the Messiah’s misfits. You might be sure of yourselves, but we live in the midst of frailties and uncertainties. You might be well-thought-of by others, but we’re mostly kicked around… We’re treated like garbage, potato peelings from the culture’s kitchen. And it’s not getting any better. 1 Cor 4:8-10

Ah! Brother Paul you are a wonder to us! I am glad he recorded the brutal honesty of his life. Yet he changed generations and his voice still speaks loudly through the ages. 

There is life even in death. 

So onwards we go… We are learning to embrace the beauty of the little moments, life, children, growing veggies, holding hands with my wife. Being rejected by men, but loved by God, loved by Family, loved by Friends. 

There is no going back to Christendom… and truthfully we would never be able to go back even if we wanted. All the doors to the past are closed. We have changed. We can’t wear the old clothes, accept the old identities.

Ahead is the Voice calling. Hidden there is Something … Something worth journeying for.

holy island

Looking up… with determination and focus… we again walk the Unknown Path.

God said “The Future is not like your past”. I believe it. I know that Voice. I trust that Voice. 

One step at a time… 

Thanks for listening, Justin Abraham

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