*BLOG- Time to participate with Heaven

Justin AbrahamI’ve been consumed with a theme – it moves me everyday. The theme of experiencing and actually seeing that unseen dimension called Heaven.

Yes I know Heaven is all around us in us, in Creation and People, and the Earth is precious and full of His glory but that’s not what I’m talking about specifically here. I mean actually seeing, hearing and touching the invisible- being present in Heaven. This is the Mystic realm of God. Where like Paul we say “whether in the body I don’t know- but I was hijacked into Paradise.” It’s what many of the Saints of old walked in and shared numerous stories of being swept into it. 

The bible throws out the challenge over and over again that it is possible to be there for everyone. We are invited there and have “free access” (which means a place, an invitation and a position) to go. We are told we are already seated there in the Spirit entangled and wrapped up in Christ. We are told every blessing is there that we need and to do warfare from there to shape the Sky and change the Earth. Even Jesus himself prayed that we would be where he is and actually see his outshining glory with the Father. John saw the door up and said the door was wide open. Over and over again the Scriptures testify that the Cross has once and for all broken the wall of separation between seen and unseen. It is fully possible to be trans-dimensional and see it.

Paul said it was Christian maturity to have this Heavenward focus in our lives –

I press on toward the goal to win the supreme and heavenly prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upwardSo let those [of us] who are spiritually mature and full-grown have this mind and hold these convictions Phil 3:14-15

I think this is a MAJOR issue in our TIME – a heaven focus. We must start to see the Heavenly Government- the Council, hear the Voice that now speaks, participate in the Eternal viewpoint. We have been bogged down for too long with things that just don’t matter like circular debates, pop star ministries, the next thing. Things that don’t satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart for Heavenly Glory. 

There is a Welsh word for this I have found- it’s called HIRAETH – which is a deep homesickness, a deep longing for the land (usually Wales! -but in my case Heaven). John G. Lake said- that kind of hunger and longing is birthed out of God, not manufactured. There has to be a response to the void.



Do you feel it? Not a void of position, security or understanding our identity but a void of actual manifestation. A longing to see that which has already been given to us in Christ. To participate in that which has already been released through the Cross. The battle is on for a new era – and we run headlong into it.

Shawn Bolz says- 

The devil resist and even prostitutes the subject of eternity for us, because Satan is jealous of our role in it. Keeping us from eternity is his ultimate goal. Satan works overtime to distract us from who we are and to occupy us in lesser roles. If he can do this to the Church, he will continue to dominate the world, because we have failed to engage in a rightful Kingdom dominion.”

It’s time for change! 


rick joynerRick Joyner recently said this to GOD TV –

“…about the pending revival, that has been a major warning that I ‘ve been putting out for almost two years now. I really got a warning from God about how big the worldwide awakening is going to be and how unprepared for it we are. It is going to hit us like a Tsunami and we need to brace right now to get to the high ground. And that high ground is being seated with Jesus in heavenly places. That can’t just be a doctrine. We have got to be there and get ready for what is coming. So, yes, I can’t emphasize that enough. How important it is and how big it is going to be, it is going to be overwhelming.”

It’s time!

There is a company coming who will forever be beholding his face like Enoch. They also like Paul have “set their mind on things above” – they have paid a personal price through choices and not following the crowds. They have given themselves to the heavenly vision.

That’s my heart. It’s not for everyone and I am sure some would criticise me for it – and I have heard the arguments over and over – but let God be the Judge of our hearts. Radical Christianity is rising again and it’s not going to fit the ways and thinking of the world. It’s going to be from Above, that we might say like John the Beloved- 

[We are writing] about the Word of Life [in] Him Who existed from the beginning, Whom we have heard, Whom we have seen with our [own] eyes, Whom we have gazed upon [for ourselves] and have touched with our [own] hands. 1 John 1

We press on…

Thanks for reading. Thanks for letting me share heart today. Cheers! 

20 thoughts on “*BLOG- Time to participate with Heaven

  • Thank you!!! Haven’t made it yet but it’s where I’m headed! Also can I say thank you for mentioning The Mirror Bible in your teachings. It is opening things up to me in a whole new way.

  • My wife clinically died and went to Heaven meeting Jesus before coming back. I’m glad that Heaven is accessible now for us. Your article has made me hungry for encounters and specifically for HIM, thankyou for posting!

  • Thank You for your Hearts and the Words of Life. My heart is also burning within and Jumping for Joy at the same time. I love your Desires set on His and the Longing we Together have to See, Feel and Touch our Daddy and the Reality of All He has given us, Our Inheritance!! Live it Now and Birth the True Sons He created us to be In Christ Jesus. All praise, Honor and Glory to Him. I Am Loving Daddy!! Thanks again for speaking His life and Truth! Love in the Family of Christ Rhonda

  • Thank you so much for this. it really brought tears to my eyes. I so often find you manage to put into words the unspoken yearning that is inside me and articulate it in a clearer way then I am able to at present ( I say at present cos that is changing ! ) Hiraeth- yeah that’s it. You sometimes can think you are crazy when other folk just don’t seem to get this and when I talk of it I seem to see eyes glaze over!! Sometimes I hear myself saying to the Father ‘I just want to go home’ and I don’t mean that in a sense of wanting to die and go to heaven but to experience heaven now and live from there. The reason I originally subscribed to your blog is that I heard the Father say to me one time ‘ you can pray for fire ( as I was doing!) or you can come and live in MY burning heart’ which is where I want to always be. I really think Father is talking so much about this- He has been talking to me about the ascension as being important because it was Jesus in bodily form going Home and going ahead and making a home for us and therefore it IS home and we are not trespassing there as so many seem to believe ! Thank you for sharing, Linda H

  • This is so much my heart as well Justin. To spend time with him, in his deep dazzling darkness, to hear his secrets, to know his heart and experience his love for others, to share even in his griefs and sufferings, to be pierced with the shaft of his love so that I’m changed – this is my heart’s desire. To be in his realm of glory, on top of the mountain so things change on our earth below, to pour out his indwelling Presence and Spirit on others and to walk in his footsteps across time, space and the dimensions of heaven. Nothing else will do. I believe this is our destiny and purpose to be experienced in this day…

  • Just read this and saw things looking like shooting stars falling down in front of me right here in the National Express coach on my way back from London. Almost forming like a “star gate” or a similar look to what it looked like when they were “beaming” people and objects in the Star Trek movies and series ….

    As I shared with you recently, I keep having moments, where I initially thought I’m falling asleep, but I’m actually fully aware of what’s going on and I seem to be leaving my body for moments. Interesting stuff. Haha … And no, I’m not using any weird technique to get to this point. So far it just happened “randomly” …. But I know nothing happens by mistake or at random with our Daddy having our back.

    Love you guys! Great to reconnect again.

  • lovely to hear , encouraging. how do we get ready for the Tsunami , that is comming , when i was 16 about 9 years ago God gave me a dream about a Tsunami that was comming and then it was olny an inch away , i was standing before the Tsunami looking up getting drops of water from this Tsunami the drops were refreshing and fulling me up with strenght to stand , It was scary but yet awsom , i new we were going to became part of this Tsunami and i heard a voice say this is my 1st wave to come , and i fealt it was coming on the church . so I know something is comming but not sure how to get ready but am willing to do what it takes ,

  • Thank you Justin for keeping us all on track. How I long for the reality of the unseen in my life. Bless you for your boldness. Was hoping to be in Cheltenham but that seems unlikely now, but with you in spirit all the way!!

  • I’ve been yearning to see the unseen realms of Heaven and I know that the days are coming closer. Thanks Justin for sharing this powerful word from yourself and Rick Joyner!

  • You are talking straight to my heart!is been and it is my longing!!nothing cant or nothing will satisfied me but Him and all that he is and the heavenly s in his glory in the spirit!Yes just like Enoch,yes Lord,Yes Lord,to see u,to touch you,yes Lord!yes!

  • While listening to Angels Among Us podcast I actually felt something deposited in my belly. What exactly was that??

  • How? I pray, I soak, I step forward and backward in faith. Still, nothing that I can perceive with my mind, though I know something must be happening. Any advice?

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