*NEW Podcast online today – Beautiful Addiction

podcastHey guys there’s a new FREE Podcast out today- Beautiful Addiction recorded in Horsham England with Glory Company.

You can either listen here on the COBH website player or visit our Podomatic Page to download. But the best way to get Podcasts is to subscribe on iTunes and then they get delivered effortlessly to your computer each time a new one comes out. Hope you enjoy this. We appreciate you guys. Cheers

5 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast online today – Beautiful Addiction

  • I was listen to Justin about going into the heavens and this what I have been listen to really ties in hope its helpful it’s the the last chapter in the book sitting on the fathers lap
    The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree
    If they delight in ME , Anna their desirers will carry them deeper into me, then as they are drawn into me so will they leave the earth’s orbit in grater and grater degrees, soon like gratuity the pull from my realm, their desire for me, to know me and to experience the eternal while in the temporal, will became so strong that they will be set free from earth’s orbit , and be drewn more and more swiftly into mine, I do not wish to dwell in a dark cloud any longer, I want my children to know there father , I want them to see me and hear me for I am a loving father to them anna and I care for every breath they take ,
    Ps sorry about my spelling .

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