*BLOG: Jane Schroeder’s Update – FRANCE

The COBH team has landed. Here’s the latest news from Jane Schroeder –

“We have just returned from three momentous days with the next generation youth of France. 

Jane Schroeder
Straight away the worship crew set the pace for a powerful yet gentle intoxicating flow of the Spirit, leading us into heavy glory trances. Many people experienced visions, throne room encounters & angelic visitations. We love Daddies liqueur cabinet – drunken Bliss of Love!

Jane Schroeder

Stevie McKie  and I enjoyed tag teaming. We shared on stepping into Mount Zion’s Governmental system – the mountain of the Lord & Courts of heaven, Galations 2:20, dual passports, citizenship, living on the earth & in heaven at the same time. 

We all stood together & practised stepping into heaven. A young girl fell to the floor hard, but to our surprise unharmed, completely over whelmed by the Holy Spirit of God. She experienced an encounter where she described a door opened in the depths of the heavenly realms. From the door a hand appeared grabbed her pulling her forcibly through into the Throne room. She felt quite fearful but enjoyed a major encounter.

Jane Schroeder

Many others enjoyed the Bliss, the Gospel of Love & Grace. Another youth couldn’t drive her car home after we talked over dinner about a Ancient nun called Teresa Avila’s mystical encounters. She began to weep & experiencing for hours Union & Raptures with many other people having genuine encounters with Holy Spirit, Abba & the Angelic. The Glory was so strong every meeting people didn’t want to leave. One session started at 3pm & ended at 7pm. We didn’t seem to notice the time because of the presence & intense Fire.

Many other stories could easily be told…”

Great things are happening in Europe! Love what Jane and Stevie carry. I’ve know them and worked closely with them for years and they are pure gold. If you’d like Jane and Stephen and the COBH team in your area they are full and ready to explode with fresh things from Papa. Send Rachel an email at – companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com.

Together we are moving forwards. Europe wake up! It’s time!

Blessings Justin Abraham

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