*BLOG – Jesus invades the Karnival in Koln!

Hey guys we’re back from an action packed adventure in Germany with our friends “Face to Face Church”! These guys are crazy, Jesus loving radicals and the COBH merged into the party!

Face to face Church

One of the highlights was a team of 70 of us dressed up as Jesus and hit the Karnival in Koln! An annual event where thousands gather and dress up and party. Usually it’s the type of things Christians run away from! But not “Face to Face Church”! They started a few years ago with just three of them dressed up as Jesus at the Karnival loving people. Now it’s exploded to over 70!

Karnival 2013

We had so much fun! I have to say the people loved seeing us there. So many came for hugs, photos, prayer and just love. Some people just wanted to stay with us and soak in Papa’s heart. It was brilliant.

Karnival 2013

Conrad the team leader and imagineer of this party got to speak on the Radio and local TV news station. Papa is shouting from the roof tops that He loves the world and is running towards it! Embracing it’s brokenness and pain. Sweet sweet wine! The Gospel really is good news! We saw a number of healings, people crying, laughing. I was amazed at the response really. People were glad Jesus was there!

Jane and Oychee

Europe’s new Day is coming with a SMILE! “Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away” Is 51:11.

Next stop- COBH Jane Schroeder and Stephen McKie are in FRANCE- an annual Youth Event we’ve been supporting for the past three years. Come on FRANCE!

Happy Valentines Day! Justin Abraham


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