*BLOG: Changing Church

If I was to say two word that for me summarises my present focus – its is COMMUNITY and GLORY.


Ian Clayton 2012Everyone is searching, wanting, needing, looking to belong, to be loved, to be a part of something bigger that matters. For a long time Church has been an exclusive community, a walled in garden that has it’s own language, traditions and structures, that to0 many people (myself included) find difficult to feel a part of. It’s just not home. It’s just not family unless you conform. 

But people are finding each other. A gathering of sorts is taking place. A drawing together. Hubs are being created. Not structures but families, places of more than religion. Wells. And as I recently read a quote “Jesus didn’t hang out at the synagogue, he hung out at wells.” Good one! Jesus walked amongst the people. 

We have to recognise the era we live in has changed and we must more than react, we must innovate, we must pioneer.

I think Papa has a dream. A dream he is going to fulfil again. Like in the Bible in Acts, where the people became more than church meetings, they became family and met together daily in each others homes, eating and being with gladness and sincerity, enjoying each other, enjoying God, and God was with them. The light was so bright, miracles became normal and daily were there being added to them those that are being saved. People are looking for this light again.

It’s coming. Real life. Real community. Family. 


579149_4770213094558_1456223250_nMoses knew the glory was a major point. He said to God “What else will distinguish us from all the other people in the world?” The church seems to have forgotten this. We have moved away from the fire and the cloud. We have forgotten who we are. We are meant to be the glory carriers. Religion has shut the fire down in Wales. Religion has shut down a generation. 

Having tried to connect into the church here, I’ve realised the only way to be accepted here is to trade off the glory, trade off Holy Spirit, get rid of much of what defines us and thrills us and excites us. Recently the City leaders refused to advertise or endorse our conference with Ian Clayton because we used the word ‘Mystic School’. Yet Christ is called the “Mystic Secret of God” (*See Colossians 2:2, 1 Tim 3:9 and 1 Tim 3:16 Amplified).

What has happened to church?  When did church become so tame, so safe?

The church wants to demystify God, make him understandable, predictable even. But that’s not who He is. He is a Mystery. He is Dangerous. He is unpredictable. He is love. Love will mess you up if you will let it. There needs to be an interruption! 

Holy Spirit is more than an optional extra. He is the Spirit of Life. Without him moving we have nothing left but pretty lights and nice songs. I wasn’t born for that. We were born to burn. To be intoxicated and thrilled by Heaven. To live in the joy of the Gospel. Overwhelmed. In Ecstasy because of God. A Glorious messy family. 

Forgetting what is behind we press on… there is so much more!

Wildfire nation rising. 

Justin Abraham 

13 thoughts on “*BLOG: Changing Church

  • Hey Justin – we LOVE THIS! You are SO right – Father’s shaking and calling us into families of passion, love, generosity and outward focus. It’s gonna look different, it’s gonna BE different and even SMELL different. He is on the move, let’s try and hold on to His shirt-tails….wow! I love your heart my friend. Blessings from Streams Training Centre England. TC

  • We also love what you have said. We all need courage to say what God is saying to His people. It is time we stood up and said what is on God’s heart. We have entered a new era with Him, He is moving in new way and we must move with Him. As C S Lewis said God is not a tame Lion. He is strong and mighty to save. The church has been lulled to sleep by the lullabies of false precepts. AWAKE and RISE for the GLORY of the LORD is rising upon us and we must rush into it . It is always difficult for the front runner to break the tape and move into something new. Well done Justine, we are following BYE BYE Constantine’s restrictions, BYE BYE idols covered with silver, Hello Glory, Hello God’s structure Hello to a new era in God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Keep on running my brother we are right behind you just keep on going and speaking what God tells you we all need your encouragement.

  • Wish church was really like this. ??? Just love what you have said. I agree. Love my Papa and hope to one day see and experience what you are talking about.
    I am so blessed by your blog,

  • Thank you for the good word Yes we will follow you God and only You.We want You and only You!! I’ll had the FIRE of God put into my heart on mar.10 1985 and have never been the same.I love it.And i can’t stop it.Keep doing what your doing,I have been waiting for this for a long time.I will be praying for you all.STAY ON THAT ROAD.Amen amen amen,In His Great Love,Zach

  • You have described EXACTLY what we’re going through in Canada — from the east to the west. You have most excellently put words to what our hearts have been feeling. Surely our breakthrough is on the way because it appears to be worldwide and the Spirit it up to something. We love tuning into you guys — you are a great encouragement to us so thank you from a far-off land. 🙂


  • So so so good Bro– Bless you and the whole COBH house a million times over– He Does Win–)))))))))))))))

  • Thanks Justin for sharing the VISION of what a true ECCLESIA is (the called out ones), living, loving, burning by the Spirit, loving not their lives unto the death. I believe in it, I desire it so bad.
    I just read 30 pages on the life of Evan Roberts, how he burned so bright but as he started to fade because his body and soul couldn’t keep the pace and the strain of 24/7 revival, the majority of the “revived” got frustrated and quickly lost the vision of living with God, finding TRUE INTIMACY for themselves and being alive disciples led of the Spirit. It seems like the majority have real difficulty finding the TRAINING they need themselves to BE revival. Jesus’ heart broke when He saw the multitude being like sheep without a shepherd.
    Broad is the way and many there be…


    The true church, BRIDE has never been tame and safe and the true plants of the Lord also grow among the tares of religion and churchianity.
    Narrow is the gate and straight is the way and few there be…

    Love you bro!

  • its interesting that the Hebrew Altar was always rectangular and never were the stones cut there was no conformity but with a Caananite altar all the stones were cut and identical that is where we get bricks from. And that s how religion everyone is cut and made to conform…. that s not me brother wont have a bar of it… I will not compromise on God… its His way or the highway for them

  • if you feel like you don’t belong . know that you are your daddys kid and you belong to him, and if they new the father they would love you to because he loves you, and if they don’t they don’t know the father so what they reject you the father does not . those that have the love of the father in them will love what the father loves. that is
    what Jesus said when they rejected him.

  • I love the last paragraph: “Holy Spirit is more than an optional extra. He is the Spirit of Life. Without him moving we have nothing left but pretty lights and nice songs. I wasn’t born for that. We were born to burn. To be intoxicated and thrilled by Heaven. To live in the joy of the Gospel. Overwhelmed. In Ecstasy because of God. A Glorious messy family.”
    Come Holy Spirit!

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes and YES!!! to everything you’re saying! Glory and community – “unity of the brethren” is on God’s heart. Belonging first (to community), then believing, then changing – the church says “believe, then change, then you belong” Backwards. Love COBH!

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