*2013 – Prophetic insights Part 2

Justin AbrahamFollowing from yesterdays blog, I’d like to continue with a few prophetic themes for the coming year and beyond.


I was shown in a vision nations forming STRATEGIC ALLIANCES to weather the tough economic, social and political times we are in, and coming into. This means some nations may form financial and political pacts between them, or closer trading ties. I was not shown the details but I did see nations forming hubs with other nations in a protectionist sense.  It reminded me of how penguins cuddle in during storms to stay warm, except these were much smaller groups maybe even three or so nations in a pack. I felt this was even beyond 2013 and that there are massive political changes ahead with even some historic alliances shifting.


I was shown a very clear vision for Germany. I was shown it has an opportunity right now to humble itself as a servant of many, and make the other nations of Europe powerful. I was shown that if it chose to go ‘lower’ and be a servant in this season, lending its strength to other nations, then it would be exalted above the nations. I saw it become a tall pillar, a monument, and I knew Germany has a chance to show Europe and the world it is a fathering not a taking nation. If it does, Germany will be celebrated all over the Earth. It is supposed to be a HERO nation.


I saw the battle in the Spirit in France, and it was a mighty battle, especially for some reason in the Middle/ South region of the Country. I don’t know why it was hardest there. I saw a tremendous battle taking place and the Angel of France fighting on every side. I was told this was a LOVE WAR. That the key to France was LOVE. If France can love its enemies, if it can love Muslims, if it can love the nations, and those that are different, then love will win this war. I believe Papa is releasing LOVE warriors. People anointed for reconciliation and healing. People like Joan of Arc that rise with courage to see a different day. I respect and love France. It is a beautiful nation. A dancing nation with real beauty and dignity. Love wins. Love remains.


There is going to be more debate than ever this year about Scotland staying or going from the UK. Again I was shown something very clear which you are free to weigh and test. I saw the UK from above and it was made of a kind of steel metal substance. I could see the joins between Wales, Scotland and England. I saw they were beautifully welded together in the Spirit. It reminded me of the verse- what God has joined together… I am certain that we are better together. We love Scotland and the UK, and are standing to see our islands move as powerful tribes, powerful families together as one.


Several years ago I was shown a map burning. I looked more closely and saw it was Poland. I believe this represented a significant spiritual awakening that is coming to that Nation. I had not thought of this for years, but in my recent trip to Texas I met some people from Poland and felt Papa remind me of this. Obviously we need to respond in prayer, but I feel a real sense of the love of God burning for that nation. Heaven sees. Heaven cares.


While I was in Texas a prophetic word was given about the UK cutting free in some form or another from Europe. Andrea Sandford saw like a string being cut. I was shocked. But it would seem potentially something that could happen. I am not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I do not like EU interference in our lives and laws, but on the other hand I like being a part of a wider community. It is difficult to see right now if Europe is going to survive the current storms. Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy and many others are in crisis. It feels like it’s hanging together by threads right now. They are responding by calling for an even deeper merger of Governments. I don’t like this either. We will have to see what happens. Can the UK leave the EU? Would it leave? Time will tell. Interesting year.

That’s it for today, again a short blog. Hope some of this is interesting to you.

Head up! Help is on the Way!

Cheers Justin Abraham

7 thoughts on “*2013 – Prophetic insights Part 2

  • Thankfully we know how to to take nations and world issues to the heavenly courts for good changes for the inhabitants of the earth so that “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”will come to pass in our generation!
    TX for prophetic insights so we know what to petition for and how to disciple nations!

  • Hello Justin

    i often read your blogs with great interest and it’s encouraging what you see happening in and for europe. It gives me hope as i’ve read and heard so much bad messages about what would all going to happen that there hardly seems any hope but you speak of other things. I’m wondering though about something: have you ever in the past years seen something for the netherlands as i’m usually reading things about the bigger countries but the netherlands are never being mentioned and i’m so wondering if God has still a plan or even use for our country (having read bad things about us from a number of people who “saw” things that were very disturbing and to be honest still scare and disturb me). hope it’s ok to ask, if you can i’d appreciate very much if you could reply

    thanks kind regards Niels Janse

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  • Hiya. You are so spot on with this especially what you say about Europe. Europe isn’t the EU so we can love Europe and the lands and people without buying into the political construct. However, that said, I think we need to be very careful what we pray about deconstructing in this season. Better perhaps to let the new rise to replace it first and that’s up to those with eyes to see and a heart to create and develop. If we don’t pick up God’s agenda and run with it using prophetic imagination, we will see this season fade back into the familiar – the pull will be so strong to go back to what we know… Help Lord.
    Love Jxx

  • I am very exited to see what God wants to do. The angelic realm has been absolutely wild around my area. Glowing orbs flying through the apartment, clouds of vapor that shimmer like the rainbow, It’s the demonstrations of power the lord seems to love to give to his Sons. And his son’s get to bring their father’s love into the areas around them. Its that divine interruption that people need. Thank you lord for interrupting us.

  • Oh my Goodness. I am a missionary to France, and your word about this country was so completely dead on. From the very moment God called me there, He revealed to me that it is going to be LOVE that changes that country: a love so radical, so true that the foundations of the world shake. Yo, good stuff man. Good stuff.

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