*2013- Prophetic Insights Part 1

Justin AbrahamHappy new year dear friends! You’re the right age – at the right time – in the right place! (Acts 17:26-28)

There’s a lot of interesting events taking place globally, so we’re going to tackle it in stages.

Here’s part 1. 


I heard that technology was delayed for a time, but no longer. That technology would surge so much that we would hear people say things like “That’s like magic!” or “It’s magical!”. Technology will move forwards so much it will bring awe and wonder. People will actually be amazed.

The Lord told me this is part of his glory – which is his goodness – being revealed. There will be technological solutions to even some of the most challenging problems of our age. 

There is a battle to see some of this new tech through and it will take courage and prayer to deal with the injustice and bring a new balance. 


Back in 2003 when I began to become aware of the current banking crisis, I saw even back then it would be deeper and harder to come back out of than we have imagined. I feel certain this is still the case. Despite all the steps taken, there is a real crisis in the West and it’s not going to be resolved overnight. A shift of balance and alignment is taking place. We all need to change. This is going to take longer than we think and what the West will look like afterwards only time will tell. But the era has changed. More on this again as this will have great impacts on what we do, our focus and the communities we live in. 


The last decade for me was the decade of terrorism. Everyday terrorism dominated the news. Whilst this is still an ongoing issues globally, this decade for the West I believe will be known for CORRUPTION. When the hidden corruption is being revealed in the Press, Politics, Banking, Business and more.

This sweeping eye will look deeply into how people of influence are living. It’s a day where people need to clean up their act and live in integrity.

I see some kind of political scandal coming in the USA routed in corruption. The spotlight is looking. Beware those who are walking in deception in this era. What has been said in secret will be shouted from the roof tops. Keep watching in 2013. 


God is going to continue to anoint small communities and tribes, deepening their commitment to him and each other. These community hubs are going to be vitally important in shaping the future. They will be creative, fluid, innovative and deeply supernatural. God is releasing an addiction to each other, like the time of Acts, where they met daily in each others homes. True love, true family, built on honour. 


In the past we have all done our best and fudged our way through hoping we’re doing what Papa wants at the right time in the right way. This is changing progressively. For the first time since possibly the Celtic Church era, a generation is emerging who will be AWARE of Heaven, interact with it, receive their mandates from there. This is the true ECCLESIA. A new era. A community made of people, saints, angels, beings, and the Divine Trinity. One community in Heaven and on Earth. This will take decades to fully outwork across the church, but for some it begins now, and there is no going back from it. 


Again, something I have talked about for several years, but it continues to unfold. We are progressively seeing a new generation of prophets of the order of Daniel, Joseph and Samuel, who see with CLARITY and are PRACTICAL in their application of vision. This is not conference scene generic encouragement. This is the Spirit of WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING coming, the Seven Spirits operating through people of integrity to help Governments, Business, Communities and more. I lean into this. It’s the future. It is ESSENTIAL not optional. 

That’s it for today! I realise this is brief, but I hope it inspires you in some way. The future is yours for the taking. 

Justin Abraham

5 thoughts on “*2013- Prophetic Insights Part 1

  • Hi Justin!
    Tx for sharing your heart, Papa’s heart on these prophetic subjects.
    Amen amen and amen! Wow, confirming a breakthrough I got in the Spirit these last days where I’m finally getting to understand the “living from Heaven” and not “towards”. HE MADE US the righteousness of God in Christ, He made us, He made us, PURE GIFT, nothing of ourselves, ALL FREE FOR THE TAKING! HALLELUJAH!

    I particularly enjoy your “WORKING WITH HEAVEN” paragraph! This has been my dream and it’s coming true. I had put a lot of limitations on this because of self and past failures, but seeking God wholly and whole heartedly is ALWAYS rewarded with the DIVINE, the PRESENCE, the TRUTH and the BEAUTY OF THE LORD OF SPIRITS.


    Claude, in Switzerland.

    PS. I miss fellowshipping with brethren and sistern like you guys and I’m planning to come for a visit and spend some time with all of you. Do you have a contact or a link? TX!

  • Thank you Justin, I absolutely concur with your vision for the future, especially and personally the WORKING WITH HEAVEN portion. Usually my art is glorifying Gods sense of humor and I create a prophetic piece once or twice a year. So far my heavenly inspired 2013 piece is about directly working with heaven…a child is receiving through its body music from a very unusual heavenly creature and the music in turn comes out his/her mouth. It is entitled “New Song”. Love & follow your amazing ministry.Thank you for the holy encouragement. have a marvelous 2013 Karen

    Sent from my iPad

  • Thanks for the Word of the Lord, especially that last paragraph that brings yet another confirmation to my friend Joseph and I (Daniel) as the Lord has been teaching us how to not just “SEE” in the Spirit…but to also “WALK” in the Spirit…the Samuel Mantel…as we have been strategically positioned here at IHOP-KC!

  • Lots of thanks, Justin, and agreement w/ insights! The Lord spoke “unity of the brethren” so strongly this past week. He wants His people to be the crazy red-hot lovers who know how to build and live out genuine relationship, Heaven style.

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