*Entering into 2013- Dream BIG wild islands

JulieMeyer-confIn October 2012 Julie Meyer sang a prophetic word over Europe. It resonated and confirmed what we’ve been holding for the last 10 years. Something we’ve seen and believed. Drink this. Enjoy! 

“Even today I can see the Bridegroom Jesus, and he’s got his eyes on Europe… Even this morning I can see the bridegroom dancing… He’s making his plans… His eyes are on Europe … He’s going to dance all over the land, he’s going to set the captives free … And it’s going to start in Britain. The Lord says, ‘Keep your eyes on Britain’ … There’s something greater coming to Great Britain, something greater than John Wesley … The Bridegroom, he’s going to dance all over the land … And that which John Wesley started – you’re part of the great, great storyline, Britain. And it’s not over. It’s getting bigger, it’s bigger … You’re not left out, Europe … I’ll make you a sign and a wonder … for the nations are mine, and Europe is mine … So keep your eyes on Britain, it’s going to start in Britain like a wildfire, like a wildfire … It’s unstoppable, it’s unstoppable because I’m God, and I choose you. Behold the bridegroom cometh” 

Ha! That’s good news! Does that make you glad. We dare to believe it. Papa hears. Papa cares. Justin Abraham

3 thoughts on “*Entering into 2013- Dream BIG wild islands

  • Portugal Oh My Portugal,
    setting Europe Ablaze.

    You were the carriers of my glory into far off nations in past times,
    You were the vessel that I used to send out the good news of my Son, the Lamb that was slain before the foundations of the world.

    You were the chalice that carried the waters of life, Oh yes they were glorious days and your riches were not just in wealth but in the righteousness of my son Christ Jesus.

    Behold, I am calling you again, I am calling you to be my lamp stand, I am calling you to be the Stadium of Europe.
    Yes the eyes of Europe will look to you as you turn your face back towards Me.

    For Yea I have recovered the Chalice from where it was hidden in your land, it was buried deep within, but the Angel of the Lord has redeemed it for it was not of silver but of gold, It is my precious piece I have been saving it for such a time as this!.

    Yes my people, come drink of the new wine for it is fortified with My Spirit. Yes come and drink of me again for I will refresh you with rivers of living waters and as you join together in the unity of my Spirit your rivers will become swollen and flood over the nation with the Spirit of restoration.

    Yes as you humble yourselves and pray, they shall be as sweet incense before me, and I will restore you to your former Glory.
    For I have called you to be the first sheep nation in Europe,
    Yes a sheep nation, a nation who follows after Me.

    Yea no longer look to the world (Mammon) for your sustenance for I will be your provider, for I have hidden riches within your land yet to be discovered and they will be released as you follow the spirit of Wisdom,
    Proverbs 8 v 12
    For I wisdom, dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge and discretion.

    You are entering into a new season but you must choose, Yes choose to enter in and build My Kingdom, The Kingdom to be built is within you, as my Son said
    “The Kingdom of God is within.”

    Yes you are entering a new season,
    There is a time to tear down and a time to build up, This is the time to tear down the walls of separation, to take down the empire thrones, for my body is not divided, “does not the head need the little toe”?.
    You are all precious to me and I love my body and you must love each other also.

    Yes I am sending a Fire into the Land, but do not fear, for my consuming Fire is Love.

    It is a fire of transformation, for this is the season of transformation. The season is of transformation within, the kingdom of God is within you and it is a time for the renewed Spirit that I put within you to rise up in the Power of My Love, for Love conquers all.

    Yes my heart wants to bless you, but I cannot bless you in division, for my word says “Behold, how good it is when brethren dwell together in unity! ~ ~ ~ for there the Lord commanded the Blessing.

    Yes then I will bless you, I shall cause My face to shine upon you as a Nation for you shall be a prototype of things to come and others shall be drawn to this a nation seeking the Glory that I will shine upon you.

    Yes I have sounded the Trumpet, there is a gathering anointing, a calling to the nations, “For I know their works and their thoughts, it shall be that I will gather all nations and tongues, and they shall come and see My Glory.

    This year, 2013, is the time I have ordained for the redemption of apostasy, depravity and rebellion. I will bring back your lost ones, those who I had called but had forsaken me, as Jonah did.

    Yes from this Gateway Nation I shall send missionaries into Europe and North Africa for this is the Gateway to Europe, and from here I will send the Fire of My Love across the nations with my hand guiding them towards Jerusalem.

    Come, every tribe and tongue, gather in My Name and I will pour out my Glory like never before.

    Prophetic word on 1st January 2013 from

  • May the Lord Bless you with a mighty outpouring wherever you go in 2013, I hope you can make it to Portugal in June for the Europe Ablaze / Fusion Festival of Every Tribe & Tongue , Come and Surf the Tsunami of His Spirit !

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