BLOG* USA supernatural hubs emerging!

The Hub USA

I’ve just come back from TEXAS with John Paul Jackson and The HUB in VA. Loved it!

 Despite the challenging times for the USA – $16 trillion debt, and the massive social and economic changes across the nation, there are people in the US who are awake and engaging with God in courage who can (and will) shape a new outcome. It is hard to be discouraged when (as Graham Cooke says) “We are condemned to Victory.”


I’ve not focused on the US in the last seven years of ministry, but Papa opened my heart wide on this journey. I saw the people. Heard their stories. Encountered their pure passion and joy. I was touched. As one of the guys said “There’s a lot of love in the glory!” He he! Beautiful! 



I saw the call for a new US to begin now. That it is at a cross roads and that the next few years are crucial. The potential for a nation shaking uprising is there. It will take courage, focus and faith but there is a cause worth fighting for- the future. I see hubs emerging, communities full of love, engaging unseen realities to shape the culture in joy.


There’s a lot more I could say…. but maybe that’s for another time. For now thank you USA friends. I enjoyed this time with you so much. Thank you for your open hearts, hugs and laughter. It was pure joy! Thank you Ric and Laurinda for being my USA Dad and Mom! He he! You’re the best! 

Ric and Laurinda

Happy Holidays! Until next time, Justin Abraham

7 thoughts on “BLOG* USA supernatural hubs emerging!

  • God Morning to you Justin and Family,

    Thank you for coming to the US and imparting your part here!! I did not know you came but I wanted to send an email to let you know your podcast have blessed a small but growing group from Lafayette Louisiana. I pray the Lord would have you come this way or us visit you in HIS time.

    Thank you for your ministry and love to see us walk and live in the fullness of HIS Glory!!!!

    Christ in us the HOPE OF GLORY!

    Every Blessing,

    Nancy Flowers

  • It was such a joy, encouragement, and privilege to have you with us, Justin. Thanks for the provoking truth and demonstrated love.. we are waking up! …and there is no going back. We love you and love being family together. Here’s to 2013, a new era, and strengthening bonds of love and partnership as we follow Jesus and make His dreams come true on planet Earth. With so much love from all the Hub family – Laurinda & Ric

  • Can’t wait for your next visit. I hear you’ll be coming to Idaho? Hoping it’s Coeur’d Alene, I live 40 min west of there in Spokane, Washington. My hope is that you’ll come to our city as well. Healing Rooms will surely welcome you as well as Higher Power church where I fellowship on Saturdays. I feel like that man standing on the shores in Paul’s dream
    PLEASE come to our city! We need you! Bless you

  • Thank you for loving America! Thank you for sowing into our land! We extend an invitation to you to come to Colorado Springs, Colorado!! Blessing to you and Merry Christmas!


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