*BLOG: Friends with Angels

Several years ago we began to chase God…

We were really seeking him for him to come and fill us with power. We were hungry, very hungry for reality. I had read the heroes of the faith and was wondering what was wrong with us. Where was the power? So we prayed three nights a week, and I started to take Friday’s off work. As we began to follow hard after him, praying, soaking, seeking, sometimes shouting, something unusual happened…

The angels began to come and touch us, appear to us, move around us in the house. It was a shock at first. The first time it happened it was like the whole room was full of people. It was a crazy experience!

But as we grew more familiar with these heavenly beings we grew to love and appreciate them and expect them to come.

Now they are an essential part of our lives. We have met many angels and they have helped us get through many situations. They are part of the family. I know several by name. I am learning to honour them, because life flows through honour. The more we focus on the unseen the more we see it. It’s the law of focus- what we look at multiplies.

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt we are moving into an era where interacting with angels will be so common we will no longer consider it an unusual event. They are here and they are coming. They are part of God’s family and they surround us.

There is one man in recent history that I feel walked in what we are being called into. His name is Roland Buck. He was an ordinary Pastor in Idaho. In the 1960s he was woken up by Gabriel. It’s an amazing story. It’s more than a story – it’s an invitation-

…just after I had gone to bed, I noticed a bluish glow coming from the staircase. I knew it was too dim to be the light for the staircase, so I thought that possibly I had left a light on in one of the downstairs rooms. I got up, and started down to turn the light off.

I was halfway down the stairs when the light flipped on! Standing before me were two of the largest men I had ever seen in my life! I was shocked! I wasn’t exactly frightened, but there was such a radiation of divine power which comes from them dwelling in the brightness of God’s presence, that I could not stand up! My knees buckled and I started to fall! One of these huge beings reached out, took hold of me, and my strength returned!

He very simply told me he was the angel Gabriel! I was stunned! Could this be the same Gabriel I had read about in the Bible? The impact of the first visits were far less awesome than now, because here he stood, as clearly visible as any earthly man, and introduced himself as the angel Gabriel! It is impossible to describe my feelings of awe and wonder! Then he introduced me to the second angel whose name was Chroni! Chroni? That’s a peculiar name. I never heard of that!… I had never thought of all the angels having names, and as it turned out, all having different appearances!

I asked Gabriel, “Why are the two of you here?” He merely said that the Holy Spirit had sent them, and then Gabriel immediately began telling me some beautiful truths.”

Gabriel explained many things to Roland. He talked about the power of the word, how Jesus wanted to be known as the Life, and the function of different angels. Truly an enlightening conversation don’t you think! How would you like this? I know it’s for you to.

Walking with angels. Justin Abraham

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