*BLOG: soooo excited!

I’m still amazed today at the wildfire Europe and UK prophecy given by Julie Meyer (see our last post). For years we have stood for wildfire revival. We’ve shouted about it, prophesied about it, seen some of it on the streets and at some of our glory parties- the wildness of God, the rawness of God. Yet we’ve known there is so much more. We have not been satisfied to stop halfway there. I have seen dreams and visions for years of a greater revelation of the true fearful glory of God, incredible power on the streets, the extreme joy, the gospel party spreading. I have seen in visions that thousands will gather saturated in oil of unity. Living in days of great, grace, awe and wonder. We will wonder. We will be amazed. We believe. We are happy. This prophetic word this week was another small sign on the Road to a Destination of Bliss. Europe’s new day. The UK’s reborn. It’s here and coming. Evan Roberts work will be finished John Paul Jackson told me. It was cut off early, but it’s going to be completed. God’s decree! Strap in we’re in for a wild ride! Britain you’ve been called…

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