*NEW Podcast- Butterfat Gospel!

NEW Podcast online today… recorded in BERGVILLE South Africa. This session covers a lot of ground- the Butterfat Gospel, New Creation realities, Moving in the Spirit and more! Hope you like it. It’s there to stretch you, ignite you and whack you into a brand new era! If you’re loving our messages would you think about partnering- donate online or email Rachel at companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com for more info. We need all hands on deck to mobilise this movement in the nations. Everyone counts! Cheers COBH crew

8 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast- Butterfat Gospel!

  • I think i’m starting to pick up a Welsh accent… HEY! You’ll be in Virginia in December… Ohio is ONLY a short 6 hours away *prod prod PROD!* we would have a place for you to speak!

  • Hi just wanted to say thank you so much for giving us access to this amazing spirit and mind stretching teaching. I downloaded to my i pod last night and listened to it as I walked this morning. Oh my! sorry lost for words, just bless you guys.

  • Hello

    Sometime ago Ian Clayton was in Wales with CoBH for a conference. Is it possible to order the teachings on mp3 from the whole conference as i would be very very interested in that…?

    please let me know if and how i could obtain them or order them, make a payment for them etc.


    Niels Janse Netherlands

  • I’m very thankful for company of burning hearts cutting edge teaching. It seems the Holy Spirit and you and the angels are all working together, bringing me into this new and wonderful day. The teachings are confirmed and augmented, pieces added and placed, as I go about seeking Him. I tell lots of others about you as well, and look forward to being in one of your meetings as the door opens!

  • thank you so much – had an experience with God about four years ago now – having suffered with major depression and he healed me in an instant and have had light and revelation since. was discouraged by others to think the what i had experienced in light was not Jesus but i know it was – your mp3 are such an amazing blessing to me – i know there’s more and i want more and i thank God for the more i have received through your site. have ordered some of ian’s teachings which have been wonderful – thank you for everything – God greatly bless you with abundance amounts of His Glory over you all – i dont know you but i love you all. hopefully i will get to visit your gatherings – it awkward getting back to plymouth late at night.

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