We’re back from SA and happy!!

Hey guys it’s been ages… missed ya all seriously! Hope you’re keeping good and enjoying the unfolding of grace in your life. Papa is so good and He sure cares about ya! We have so much good news to share don’t know where to start… so we’re going to post a video soon to show you and a series of new Podcasts! Yeah God! Until then, here’s few photos from the Road.

Love you AFRICA! So much hunger… everyone responded to prayer and we saw miracles happen in front of our eyes… it was beautiful! 


Tell ya more soon… 

In his bliss! Justin

2 thoughts on “We’re back from SA and happy!!

  • Am so glad you found Africa a special place (having lived in Zimbabwe most of my life till now and am in New Zealand a long way away) – yes, the people there are always so open to what God can do for them – looking forward to the Podcasts and more news – Great to hear from you as always – thanks such a lot. Really appreciate you guys.

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