*BLOG: Honour -womb of a new move

I was just in Leicester for a Leaders Conference. This was the third one I’ve been to at the All Nations Church. It’s been an interesting journey connecting with people from different streams and backgrounds- some pretty whacked, others not so, but all pulling on the future together.

I must admit I like it. The culture of honour is truly a breath of fresh air for people like me that have always felt somewhat pushed out by the mainstream. Something is changing. I can see it, it’s creeping in, working in.

Georgian Banov spoke in one of the sessions and he said something I loved. He said Honour was Christ, that it was birthed out of Him, it is His idea, and that the new culture is opening up a way for a new day in the UK and beyond. That God had held back some things for this generation until we would move into it together, as communities. Georgian said something like – “Honour is the womb of this new move”. Come on! I love that.

… yep lots to be happy about for old timers like me…

In heaven everyone is loved. Everyone is in. Everyone is secure and powerful. Love never fails. Heaven is family. God’s plan!

That’s worth going for… mistakes will happen… have to discover how to handle conflicts and boundaries… but with honour it’s okay! 

Alright, that’s my thought for the day! Not well written but full of heart, and hope! After years in the wilderness and battles, feel I can see there are others alongside us. Good people. Godly people. Different but Family. People who accept you regardless. I like it (ha said it again!).

See ya on the road! Justin Abraham


12 thoughts on “*BLOG: Honour -womb of a new move

  • I love this. It’s so comforting to know. We ARE family! We belong together! God is birthing that in all of us. I look forward to the future. Thanks again, Abraham. I think you voiced it perfectly.

  • Hi Justin, love your post…I’m just now in Sicily, south of Italy, and this evening I’ve preached on the new season in wich sicilian people enter in. The Lord before the meeting showed me an angel that gave me a book to read and so release God’s heavenly plans for Sicily in this time…the first chapter of this book was entitled HONOUR!!! This is the first thing to preached….!!!
    With His great Love,
    Ignazio Vitali

  • Thank you for these words. They are just what i needed to hear. Totally identify with you there. Honour one another.
    Just love the Company of Burning Hearts.

  • I will honour you by saying something you may not wish to hear, but I believe it’s true. “Leaders Meetings” are a dead thing, just like the prophetic movement is (you said yourself the prophetic movement was dead…I am merely quoting you). It doesn’t matter whether one is called a leader or senior leader (that ridiculous and increasingly fashionable term!) if your name is not written in heaven! “Leaders Meetings” are so passe, irrelevant, because God is doing something else somewhere else that’s so new beyond the prophetic circle’s classifications of men and women about themselves as “leaders”.

  • So encouraged thanks Justin. I really like the bit about ‘everyone is loved and included in heaven……’ My heart is to show as many people as I can how special Papa thinks they are. More yumminess of heaven here on earth, love it! We love you guys x

  • Just love your heart for people. Culture of honour is NOT a soft option! It’s hard because it’s about dying to self (hello?? – heard that before somewhere…) my great friend Dennis Morgan-Dohner says: we all HAVE to learn to take responsibility for what we say, what we do, and what we do with how we feel. Simples.

  • Yeah, I love this concept! It’s the way I feel when I walk into a gathering and they don’t recognize me, looking suspicious. It’s like, why not? Don’t you know family when you see them? Or when I walk into a place, and there’s such love and acceptance, and the shofars are welcome, and the dance, and everybody just acts like wow, it’s great to be together. That’s the Way it should be! Feels like Heaven then.

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