I had a DREAM. This dream changed my life and the direction of my life. I dreamed about AFRICA. It started with myself and a friend being inside a charity office in Africa. It was a large office with people working at desks. I was covered in the Glory and I could hardly contain it. A woman looked up at me and she could feel the presence. She was hungry. My friend said to her “Do you want to feel this?” I touched her and BANG! she fell onto the floor under the power of Jesus. Suddenly people began running towards us and forming a line for prayer. They were desperate for the presence. The walls vanished and the line became thousands and thousands of people long. I heard a voice say “Africa is Hungry”.

That week of the dream I met a man from Kenya. He invited me to come and see the nation and minister to Pastors. We went. God moved. The video is on youtube and we saw tremendous things- even the deaf hearing.

I am going back to Africa again this month for the fourth time. This time it’s SOUTH AFRICA. After a three day Mystic Conference where we will be mentoring these guys in moving in the Spirit, we will be visiting remote villages and praying for the sick.

I am believing Jesus is going to FEED the HUNGRY. I am believing for incredible miracles and healing. The hungry always get fed. Africa is hungry. Can you hear the call?

THANK YOU wildfire/ COBH partners for making this possible. You go with us in our hearts and we share the reward. You are heroes!

Justin Abraham

One thought on “*Dream: AFRICA is HUNGRY

  • Dear Justin,
    We would love to have you here in Egypt…there are some burning hearts here that would love to learn more about engaging the heavenly realms….We should arrange something.
    Much blessings,

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