*BLOG: Visions of the HARVEST

I’m dreaming again of nations burning with the Fire of God. It’s happened before. Back in 1904 a young fella called Evan Roberts, who lived in South Wales, believed that the nation could be shaken by the power of God and even the whole world changed through that moment of encounter. The people around him including his family felt he’d lost the plot and become a fanatic, even taking him to the Doctors to get his head checked out.

And yet history shows his faith and hunger was right on! Through his faith and others, God birthed a new move of his Spirit on the earth in 1904 called the ‘The Welsh Revival’ that led to 100,000 plus locals turning to Jesus and countless more in the nations, including the USA, India Africa and France within a short time. It inspired another great move in the USA called AZUSA Street, which in turn birthed Pentecostalism and it’s many movements. The impact of these events was incredible. Truly defining a generation. Entire communities saturated by Heaven. 

God looked for someone who wanted to live his dream and found it tucked away in tiny Wales in the person of Evan Roberts a 26 year old nobody. Roberts became a sign and a wonder, a burning man and prophet to his day. But what happened there was beyond one man. It was God taking over. It was God invading a nation and sweeping its people into Paradise. The meetings were run by God. He was firmly in control. 

This week we visited the Church where it all started. I’ve been here so many times but I never grow tired of it. Once more we prayed at the grave of Evan Roberts and his family. They stand as a witness to this generation. A memorial that God can and does answer by fire. That God does and can shake nations. It’s in the land. 

I stood inside the church and leaned against the pillar. I thought again how this pillar ‘heard’ the Spirit worship (something this move was known for) that echoed for hours as God overmastered everyone. Wonder what that sounded like- the ancient song, the Spirit song? I’m not sure we’ve ever heard it like that. But I believe we’re going to again. I dream of it in the night. I have this dumb faith. This incessant belief God is truly for us. That He hears. 

I know what I have seen. Despite all evidence to the contrary and despite the sense of our own failures (which are so evident), I still see the coming harvest and rejoice. Thousands will gather and then spread out again to shape the nations. I have seen it. Young and old. The Joy, the Healing, the Words of Life, the Sounds of Heaven. Jesus owns the Party! He knows how to do it better than anyone. Joy is brooding over our future. 

Maybe this seem unreal to you. Maybe you can’t imagine it. Perhaps I am mad. But if this be madness I pray (as Jonathan Edwards prayed in the Great Awakening)- Let the whole world be gripped with this madness! 

Living for great Papa’s dream, Justin Abraham

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