*BLOG: Spiritual HUNGER

One of the greatest miracle workers of the last few centuries was John G Lake. A business man in the States he was consumed with desire for God and prayed until he was struck by what he called ‘the lightning of God’. After that incredible miracles took place in his life. Eventually his city – Spokane – became the healthiest City in the USA. The miracles were astonishing. In five years 100,000 documented miracles and healing in just that region. This is good fruit!

Would you like to know how an ordinary business man becomes a carrier of the lightnings of God? I would! In his biography he wrote about his experience – he called it SPIRITUAL HUNGER… This is what he had to say-

“Hunger is a mighty good thing. It is the greatest persuader I know of. It is a marvellous mover. Nations have learned you can do anything with a populace until they get hungry. But when they get hungry watch out. There is a certain spirit of desperation that accompanies hunger. I wish we all had it spiritually. I wish to God we were desperately hungry for God. Wouldn’t it be glorious?

… We are sometimes inclined to think of God as mechanical; as though God set a date for this event or that to occur. But my opinion is that one of the works of the Holy Ghost is that of preparer. He comes and prepares the heart of men in advance by putting a STRANGE hunger for that event that has been promised UNTIL it comes to pass…

…God’s purpose come to pass when your heart and mine get the real God-cry and the real God-prayer comes into our spirit, and the real God-yearning gets hold of our nature. Something is going to happen then…

… if it becomes in your life the supreme cry, not the secondary matter, or third, or the fourth, or fifth of tenth, but the paramount issue, all the power and energies of your spirit, of your soul, of your body are reaching out and crying to God for the answer, it is going to come, it is going to come, it is going to come…

…one thing matured in my heart, a real hunger. And the hunger of man’s soul must be satisfied. It is a law of God; thar law of God is in the depth of the Spirit. God will answer the heart that cries; God will answer the soul that asks. Christ Jesus comes to us with divine assurance and invites us when we are hungry to PRAY, to BELIEVE, to take from the Lord what our soul covets and our heart asks for.

“Blessed are they which do hunger.”… begin to pray to get hungry.” John G. Lake (still cheering us on today!)

*That’s my thought for the day. Yes I am satisfied in Jesus, but I am not satisfied with what he is able to do through me and around me. I am not willing to join the ‘do-nothing’mindset of our generation and be disempowered by intimidation. There is a cause and the fire still burns in our hearts. Europe’s day cannot come with a whimper. It must come with an explosion of glory and power. We owe the world a real encounter with God. Our prayer like the followers in Acts and the history makers that followed is- Come more powerfully Holy Spirit. There is so much more. And like we’ve said in the past- if others don’t want their portion- God we will have it! Wales will have! Bring it on Lord, days of awe and wonder! We know it’s for us!

Daring to believe. Justin Abraham

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