*BLOG: Loving the UK vibe!

There’s a heck of a lot of feel good vibes going on in the UK right now!

We may be in a recession but the party is going on!

With the historic Queen’s Jubilee celebrations earlier in the year where a million gathered in London…

… the Olympic torch travelling around the UK… our kids loved it and so many got involved…

…and then a Brit Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France for the first time ever in the history of the race…


…and the bells ringing out TODAY in churches and houses and BIG BEN to awaken the land…

… and the Olympic buzz going on around the UK. Wales just hosted the first event in Cardiff…

Tonight people all over the UK are tuning in to watch the Big event in London as it all kicks off…

I love seeing the UK pull together and celebrate what unites us rather than divides us.

We count it a true blessing to be a part of these islands and this culture.

 Just a little sentimental thought for the day! God bless the UK! 

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