*Prophetic message for FRANCE- Justin Abraham

A few months ago I heard a message for France. I was enjoying Jesus and had spent the morning with him. It was so precious that I closed me eyes and leaned into him even more. Then suddenly I had an unusual visionary experience where I saw heaven and then earth. I can’t talk through it all here but what I will tell you is that I was shown a number of things about Europe and specifically France. I’d like to share with you what I saw.

Looking down on France I saw an amazing sight. I saw the Angel of France. It was the most heroic ‘person’ I have ever seen. It carried the same spirit, dignity and raw courage as Joan of Arc. I heard the Lord speak and he said this angel was one of his greatest angels. I looked and could see why. This angel was inspirational. It made me feel alive, like I could fight anything. It was brave and I could see it was fighting on every front against a terrible onslaught. I saw demonic beings like serpents, and other dark creatures rising against it and climbing onto a high place where this being stood. It was very pressed in on every side.  But I could see from its eyes this angel would never give up fighting for France.

The Lord began to show me the challenges France as a nation was facing- and I could see the importance of the times and how now was the TIME to support this Angel in the battle.

I saw the Mid/Southern part of France as being a place of particularly importance in this battle. I believe that is where many of the intercessors are positioned. Lyon is also strategic I believe.

The Lord spoke to me again and said the way to empower the angel and win this war is through LOVE. Specifically he said this is the hour where the church must move in the OPPOSITE spirit to fear- and love even those that might seem like enemies. Love those around us. Love the Muslim Community. Love the other nations. Love is the greatest sword the nation carries and love will win the day. Open hearts, open arms. This is a time to look strangers in the eye with the love of Papa. This is a LOVE war! Overcome evil with good!

I then saw more recently about the new French Government. Papa said people needed to help this new Government not attack it or fear it. That it needed everyone to help them make good decisions. The challenge of these days would be hard for even the most skilled politician and the new Leader Francois Hollande is courageous man to take the role at this difficult time. He should be honoured for that.

The new Leader Francois Hollande needs prayer and love and people to believe the best of him. I felt Papa’s burning heart for this man to do well. This is not a time to fear and I sensed the new Government was not going to be as bad as many had suspected, but that engaging the heavenly courts and engaging the Government could sway the direction and steer the nation for good. There is great hope in Papa’s heart for France.

This was a significant experience. I submit it to be weighed and tested. I’ve used human words to clothe Divine thoughts. Forgive my limited ability. Yet I hope this encourages the amazing French people. The battle is on and it is time for exceptional LOVE even to your enemies and incredible COURAGE.

Europe is praying for you to arise. It’s Europe’s Day.

Justin Abraham

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