BLOG* Incredible challenge- Positioning for the Future

My heart is full these day of contemplations of the days we are living in. Jesus said that in the day of his coming it would be just like the days of Noah. Noah lived in unusual times. There were angelic beings openly on the earth, great evil and rebellion against God.

Is this really how it will be for every nation as we move into a new era? Or is there a possibility of overcoming with love and power the evil which overcome Noah’s generation? Is this the day when we will see the true nature and joy of the Gospel change the core of a generation to transform nations?

The scriptures say the knowledge of his goodness will cover the Earth. What do we do about that? How do we fit into the big picture? Do we just live one day at a time? Or maybe we are supposed to be so much more. 

All I know is we must run into the future with all our hearts and I don’t want to be asleep. I don’t want to be a passive observer of the times. I want to see what Father is doing today and be a part of that. Alive for now. 

I think times like these require a different spirit. A burning spirit. A passionate spirit. We need God to come upon us and through us like never before. There must be an acceleration. This cannot be a tame fire, a gentle flame. We need Wild Fire Revival, we need the Manifest Glory, we need signs and wonders, and Wisdom & Council. The nations need our help and we cannot play church any longer. There is a massive cry, and maybe, just maybe we are part of the answer.

Dreaming big dreams, Justin 

3 thoughts on “BLOG* Incredible challenge- Positioning for the Future

  • Yes,awesome stuff,God was just showing me how He so desires an ALTERNATIVE to religious churches and also secular nightclubs He wants places with cool music but with HIS presence,people will be amazed and ask what is this?
    as they take a step inside. We are praying for just that kind of space to be established in Bournemouth,Contact me if you want to join us!

  • Spoken like an Apostle, Justin keep pressing in like never before, and you shall experience what our forefathers of the Gospel experienced, you are so, so, right the time has come indeed to stop playing games, I am reminded of Charles Finney, who prayed to God Fervently, his Heart Burning and crying out to God, “more of Thee, More of Thee!” and as he poured out his Heart in the hills where he was praying, His prayer resounding like thunder were echoed back to him as though God answered, “More of thee, More of thee”

    Often I have heard people asking for more of God, yet fail to give more of self over to Him! Our God is a Consuming Fire, a Living Invigorating God, He is Desiring that the Church for which Christ Loves and gave His life for, will rise to the occasion and do Him proud, giving Christ who is the Head over all things to the Church, the Honour and Praise, and Glory that He so Rightly Deserves, and who is not ashamed to call us Brethren, and Delighted to Present us before His Father, as His Spotless Bride without Blemish.

  • Yes Justin, those are the times we are living in, like Joel prophesied: He will pour out his “spirit upon all the flesh” and not only believers would see the mighty hand of God showing his great love and specially the intimate relationship He wants to enjoy with us.I believe His heart is craving for us, his beloved sons and daughters much more than we long for that relationship. WE LOVE YOU PAPA WITH A BURNING HEART FOR YOU!!I post here a video that perhaps you may Know. Blessings.

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