BLOG: His Presence will be Personal


We are living in a day of visions and dreams and as the Amplified says “Divinely Appointed  Appearances”. Heaven is becoming obvious, plain to see, surrounding and engaging us.

Jesus said to us that in these days “My Presence will be Personal.” Never has there been a day of such grace for a generation. I believe that this hour is a time of encounters that birth movements and revivals and nationwide change. We are called to Encounter.

Jesus himself said in John 14:21 whoever really loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I too will love him and will show reveal, manifest Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.

He promised to make Himself REAL! REALITY!! Make Himself REAL to you and me.

When you look up the word MANIFEST in ‘STRONGS CONCORDANCE’ it means–

come to view, make visible

present oneself to the sight of another

to be conspicuous

Jesus want to be conspicuous to us! In your face! Ha ha! I Love that!

Bill Jonson says about this verse that Jesus  “…promised that we could see him again. This is clearly not a promise for those disciples only but rather for ALL who love him. The promise was for every generation of believers & it can means nothing less than than that he would make himself conspicuous to us and that we would surely see him again and again. We are not only to receive the Holy Spirit in power we are also to see Jesus over and over again.”

We are all made for Encounter. He is known through Encounter and Experience. This is the Mystic Call.

I love stories. Stories feed movements. Stories feed hunger. Stories are an invitation into an experience.

Want to hear one short STORY of an ENCOUNTER that changed the world?

You’ll love it! Here we go…

In 1906 in Azusa Street through a small group of people God rocked the world! Leading up to it was a hungry radical group of people pulling on heaven to come. Frank Bartleman was one of those people. This is his story…

“One evening, July 3, I felt strongly impressed to go to the little Peniel Hall. There I found Brother Boehmer ahead of me. He had also been led of God to the hall. We prayed for a spirit of revival for Pasadena until the burden became well nigh unbearable. I cried out like a woman in the birth-pangs. The Spirit was interceding through us. Finally the burden left us. After a short time of quiet waiting a great calm settled down upon us. Then suddenly, without premonition, the Lord Jesus himself revealed himself to us. He seemed to stand directly between us, so close we did not dare to move. I could not even look. In fact I seemed all spirit. His presence became more real, if possible, than if I could have seen and touched Him naturally. I forgot I had eyes or ears. My Spirit recognised him. A heaven of divine love filled and thrilled my soul. Burning fire went through me. In fact my whole being seemed to flow down before Him, like wax before the fire. I lost all consciousness of time and space, being conscious only of His wonderful presence. I worshipped at His feet. It seemed a veritable “mount of transfiguration”. I was lost in the pure Spirit.

For some time He remained with us. Then slowly He withdrew His presence. We would have been there yet had He not withdrawn. I could not doubt His reality after that experience… We were almost afraid to speak when we came back to our surroundings. The Lord had said nothing to us, but only ravished our spirits by His presence… The sun was up the next morning before we left the hall.But the night had seemed but half an hour. The presence of God eliminated all sense of time. … For days the marvellous presence seemed to walk by my side. The Lord Jesus was so real. I could scarcely take up with human conversation again.”

Does that make you hungry? It’s time for a Generation to live in True Heavenly reality. It’s ours for the taking.

Justin Abraham

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