*NEW Podcast – PURE JOY with Justin Abraham

The Gospel is an invitation to BLISS and invitation into HIS JOY! In this heart message Justin Abraham shares the passion of his heart that we as a generation would live in PURE JOY!! Recorded near London at the ENCOUNTERING HEAVEN conference with Spirit Body Soul – www.spiritbodysoul.com 

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Thank you all our COBH/ Wildfire Partners for making this possible. We love you! COBH crew

One thought on “*NEW Podcast – PURE JOY with Justin Abraham

  • I love your podcasts and listen to them over and over. I was just in a conference with Kevin Dedmon from Bethel Church. His whole healing ministry and training of others flows out of the joy that you talked about in this podcast. He laughs over people and sees God heal them. As I am seeking God for His joy I am seeing changes and victory over strongholds in my life that I have struggled with for years.

    I really like the clip from the song at the end of this podcast. Could you please let me know who is singing and/or what the name of the song is? Can you buy it on iTunes?

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