*PIX from the ROAD… Joy revolution

Great week in London, Guildford and Godalming!

So much joy, expansion of vision, and fun on the streets!

We took the party to the streets doing healing, destiny words, dream interpretations and spending time together as a team praying and connecting. Lots of great hungry people out there waiting for you! 

Thank you Jonathan, Lindi and Bishoy for hosting us! We honour you for your courage and faith!

We were also with our buddies Mat and Pearl (the Glory Company)- these guys rock! Thanks guys for curry, late night chocolate and fun hanging out in your house!

London was also fun. We were in East Acton with some really creative wild people! If you missed that meeting you missed a whole lot of angelic interaction and some heavy Holy Spirit whackings! Love it! 

Too much going on to explain. Keep listening to the Podcasts. Europe’s Day is rising.

Next stop MORNINGSTAR EUROPE… Ready to party? This could get messy!

There’s no pulling this day back- May as well jump on the bus and let Jesus drive!! Beep beep! 

See you on the road. COBH crew

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