*NEW Podcast online- Ian Clayton Speed of Light


It’s our pleasure to publish one of our Ian Clayton messages from the archives of the events we’ve hosted with him these last few years. In this session Ian will stretch you as he talks about the nature of Light. What is Creative Light and Created Light. You’ll love this as we journey further into the future and a brand new era of Christianity.

Visit our PODOMATIC site or iTunes to download the message (*note iTunes is much easier- all you do is subscribe and it’s then automatic).

Don’t forget we have a very significant gathering coming up in August with IAN CLAYTON called the COURTS and GOVERNMENT of GOD 2012. Last year was epic! 2012 is a marker year and we are being intentional in our focus on this subject. We want to understand and be a part of the Heavenly Courts, Council and Mandates to shape nations. If this is Europe’s Day then there must be a corresponding move of God. God’s dream is bigger than ours. He wants to take us beyond church meetings into a brand new world. Here’s the info: 

Visit our EVENT website to REGISTER TODAY.

Cheers COBH team

4 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast online- Ian Clayton Speed of Light

  • Hi there Justin !
    I am from South Africa and had an awesome 2 weekends with Ian when he was here over the easter weekend. I am delighted to hear you are coming to Bergville at the end of next month ! Our family will be there. Thank you so much for posting these podcasts, they are such a blessing. This one on the speed of light is such a confirmation for me on so many aspects that the Lord has been showing me over the past years. Its wonderful. Thank you so much for making them available, its such a blessing for me, thank you !

    See you in South Africa next month !

    • Oh yes , I am from Nelspruit South Africa – attended Ian and Lindi’s Conference in July 2014.All glory to God…it is not about me anymore all about God in Jesus where we stand.
      Awesome…all new to me… I believe He will open may eyes to see in the physical

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